Whatever happened to the Donald Trump who bestrode the world like a collosus several years ago? The mental trauma of losing the 2020 election seems to have so damaged him that the once capable chief executive has been reduced to a mere mortal.

For instead of running for another term like a former president, he’s running like a rookie again complete with inane nicknames and kindergarten jibes. The poor devil doesn’t know it’s not 2016 anymore. The bloom is off the rose. The act has gone stale.

This explains his incompetent attempt at slagging Ron DeSantis. Every time Trump does this DeSantis goes up in polls by ignoring Trump and focusing on his own message. But Trump can’t help himself.

Fox, “The former president last week twice reposted and commented on social media posts that accused DeSantis of ‘grooming’ underage girls during his brief tenure years ago as a high school teacher. The posting included an image that purportedly showed the governor drinking alcohol with teenage girls.”

And this gem, “The real Ron is a RINO GLOBALIST, who closed quickly down Florida and even its beaches. Loved the Vaccines and wasted big money on ‘Testing.’ How quickly people forget!”

Where do you even begin to counter absurdities like that? Oh yeah, DeSantis groomed high school girls. That’s why the charge was featured in Dem attack ads during both of DeSantis’ gubernatorial runs, huh? Gee, it wasn’t? How strange. Perhaps Dems found it too wacky for credence. But apparently nothing is too ridiculous for Trump to use.

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DeSantis a RINO GLOBALIST? Well, given he’s topping GOP polls all over the country and won his reelection in a landslide, calling him a RINO, a charge thrown by some against any Republican they disagree with, is more than a bit thick.

Globalist? Oh sure, that’s why the boys and girls at Davos just can’t wait for a DeSantis administration, right? Anti-woke legislation and cutting down a multinational like Disney is just their cup of tea, eh?

Vaccines and closing down beaches? Who closed down the entire nation and crippled the economy by taking orders from Dr. Fauci? Yeah, that wouldn’t be DeSantis. Trump swings and swings and misses and misses again.

GOP ace Colin Reed has this to say, “Gov. DeSantis has become the candidate to watch and with all that attention comes scrutiny. The attacks that are ratcheting up are only going to increase as the momentum and buzz continues to grow around him.”

And this, “I don’t think it is fair to call Donald Trump a damaged candidate,” said a high level GOP fundraiser. “He is a metastasizing cancer who if he is not stopped is going to destroy the party. Donald Trump is a loser. He is the first president since Hoover to lose the House, the Senate and the presidency in a single term. Because of him Chuck Schumer is the Leader Schumer, and the progressive agenda is threatening to take over the country. And he is probably the only Republican in the country, if not the only person in the country, who can’t beat Joe Biden.”

So Trump will continue to make himself look small by flinging senseless charges against DeSantis and DeSantis will rise above it, treating Trump with the nonchalant scorn he deserves.

If they clash in a primary Republican voters will easily tell the difference between the guy who just won his reelection bid in a landslide and the guy who lost midterms in 2018, a presidential election in 2020, and numerous endorsed races as well. He’s yesterday’s garbage. Put him out on the curb.