Last week, schools across Michigan received threats about shootings. Luckily, it turned out that none of them were real. According to The Detroit News, authorities with the Michigan State Police are saying it was a “coordinated campaign.” Also happening the same day were bomb threats to three Walmarts in the Detroit area.

The FBI released a statement about the school threats. They said, “Agents are working alongside our local and state law enforcement partners to identify the source of the hoax threats. Due to the ongoing investigation, we are unable to provide more details.”

And, while in the past, may threats like this have often been linked to bad actors wanting to create chaos and students who don’t want to go to school, there was also a teacher in Hazel Park on February 2nd who wanted the day off and left a note about a bomb threat at the Hazel Park Junior High School. The alleged degenerate (who looks like an Antifa member in his photo) left a note in the school saying that his high school was going to be blown up.

Not only did this jerk scare the students, teachers, parents and community on that day, he most likely caused long-term issues with the people involved – not to mention a future lack of trust between those students and their teachers.

Another disgusting part of this is that what he did is just a one-year misdemeanor. Of course, rapists and murderers are getting out of jail in record time so why should we expect any different? Our governments don’t give a crap about keeping the a**holes of our country in jails and prisons to protect the rest of us.

In Liberty Paige-land, you get 30 years in jail for this kind of thing, 60 years in jail for rapists, and life without parole for all murderers (although I prefer the death penalty.) And assault with a knife or gun is 50 years period. No deals for anyone. No parole. Nothing. It’s called consequences.

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I am sick of this country’s “justice” system which appears to have no justice at all for those of us who AREN’T criminals.