Brace yourself because it’s not pretty. Teachers who would have been fired in the past for being racist or trying to sexualize your chidden with perverted personal and educational teachings are alive and well in the classrooms of your children. And for the most part, nothing is being done about it.

In Florida, The Daily Mail reports that a teacher decided to use the occasion of Black History Month to force his White students to “act as slaves for black pupils” including having White kids bowing down and worshipping by the feet of the Black kids. The teacher also did not cover or blur the faces of the children before posting his TikTok videos – that might be a lawsuit waiting to happen (I certainly hope it is).

Over in Canada, a trans teacher with prosthetic breasts about as large as a German Shepherd is for some reason allowed to teach Canadian students while showing up to school with protruding nipples showing through tight tops. The trans teacher is being totally protected by the school including banning students from taking pictures or they will get suspended.

Over in California (not surprising) there is a pro-BLM and non binary eighth grade teacher was actually fired in South Carolina for a video telling Black Americans they have the right to “burn the motherf***er to the ground.” But alas, do not worry your pretty little head over that because the teacher found a new job teaching middle- schoolers in Maryland.

The teacher is once again up to their old tricks, encouraging students to conceal their gender identities from parents and discussing systemic racism.

In Pennsylvania, a school is standing behind a gay male teacher who showed the class close-up images of male and female reproductive organs including a woman ejaculating.

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Leftists will ALWAYS push the envelope. They will always try to get away with as much as they can until they are stopped like a transgender substitute teacher in Maine who shared “salacious” TikTok videos with her sixth graders. They will continue to push sexuality on kids of any age as long as they can get away with it.

Comedian and HBO host of “Real Time” with Bill Maher says it’s all coming from the top and that the Biden administration is “all-in” on the “trans indoctrination of kids.”

Maher said, “I thought a great subject to talk about would be schools, because they’re in the news a lot. We live in a prison yard in this country, which is everything is tribal. And like anything that has to do with schools or education is something really the Democrats have to answer for because they control it. I mean, when you look at the Democratic Convention, it’s like three-quarters of them are teachers. My sister’s a teacher. I’m a big defender of teachers, but what’s going on in schools is outrageous, and somebody needs to answer for it.”

He goes on to say, “We’ve completely lost control of our schools.”

Maher is no fan of CRT either and calls it virtue signaling. He said this about two years ago on CNN’s “Cuomo Prime Time” when Chris Cuomo still had his CNN gig. He insists that teaching that America is inherently racist with CRT is going too far.

Accuracy in Media recently had an undercover investigation in Texas that showed the CRT teachings going on in that state. Even though Republican Gov. Abbott signed a bill to prohibit the teaching of racist CRT, the teachers don’t care and are working to get around it. They just ignore it because they want to or their principal or superintendents give them the green light. And who is going to stop them?

This indoctrination of America’s children will likely continue as long as the progressive school board members are left in their positions. The last election cycle yielded some changes in many over-the-top indoctrination schools in Michigan and across the country but it’s an ongoing battle that needs to be fought every day. And we need to continue to expose what they are doing every day.