Cancel culture is spurred on by the poor innocent ears of snowflakes who worry about the violence of words—which, of course, flies in the face of everything I was taught by good people growing up. You know sticks and stones can break my bones, but words can never hurt me—well, for those on the fragile left, words are the target more and more every day.

They want to criminalize the Freedom of Speech and dishonestly label it as hate speech, hurtful speech, racist speech, or something that someone might be upset over.

The problem with their little scheme is that the First Amendment of the United States Constitution specifically prohibits—without any exceptions—the government from censoring American citizens.

And yet, we learned after Elon Musk took over Twitter that the FBI and members of the Biden campaign team and administration, among others, had direct access through a backdoor to shut down individual Tweets or entire accounts. It came to the forefront with the freezing of the New York Post account in October 2020 to prevent the world from learning about the sleazy world of Hunter Biden and the possible criminal connections he may have had with a number of people—one of those being his father, the now President of the United States.

The mainstream media, along with Twitter and news and social media outlets, killed the story to protect Joe Biden from any bad press just before the election.
But during testimony on Capitol Hill Wednesday, we learned that the FBI and others were involved in censoring Twitter long before the laptop from hell came tumbling out. There was new testimony suggesting that so-called shadow bans and suspensions were far more common than we may have realized.

Many of those targeted were high-profile influencers—and, yes, even sitting members of Congress too.

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And it wasn’t just jokes about Hillary Clinton or conversations about Hunter that were silenced. Maybe even more frightening was the shutting down of posts that did not agree with the official position of the CDC or other Federal agencies on the Covid 19 pandemic and anything related to it. Sometimes they would even censor information that came from the CDC.

Republicans smell blood in the water—political blood, and they know—just like you and I do—that Twitter and other big social media platforms weighed in to help Joe Biden get by in a tight race with Donald Trump. Even though they were putting their thumb on the scale to throw a federal election—it appears that those in charge before Elon simply didn’t care.