The Department of Energy sparked quite a storm by concluding that the global Covid-19 pandemic originated from the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Of course, I have been telling you that since February and March of 2020.

But while I was among the small minority that was quite clear on the obvious—those on the left didn’t think the lab leak was much of an idea at all. They went to work smearing, insulting, and tearing down anyone who suggested the Wuhan Virus came from Wuhan.

And since we’re taking this walk down memory lane, it’s an excellent time to remind you that Joe Biden said he would get to the bottom of Covid’s origin. He promised to take care of the guilty party—no matter whom it turned out to be.

As it turns out, however, old Joe didn’t do much of anything and still has not demanded answers from China’s President Xi. He has failed to help US scientists access the necessary information to finally put the origin question to rest.

Make no mistake, I gave you the answer years ago and told you that the Covid-19 virus was in America sometime before Thanksgiving 2019. I still believe that is accurate, and it’s just a matter of time before that is confirmed as well.

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Now I cannot say that the leak from the Wuhan Institute of Virology was intentional—it would seem to me that it would be more powerful if it were. Then again, maybe triggering fear, panic, lockdowns, and destroying economies was the goal. A goal that in large part was achieved—and with long-ranging consequences.

So again, I will let that one sit until I have some definitive proof that it was or wasn’t intentional.

I will reiterate what I think is the most likely scenario, and this is something I have been saying for three years as well:

It is most likely in my mind that someone was contaminated when they left the Wuhan lab and headed to the infamous Wuhan wet market to eat live toads and BBQ Pangolin (an endangered anteater), which should be left alone in the first place—but hey they might be good on the barbie. Anyway, if a contaminated person mingled at the wet market, ground zero could have been there—or any of a hundred more locations for food and drink on the streets.

But despite the FBI concluding in 2021 that the pandemic came from a lab leak in Wuhan, and now the Department of Energy arriving at the same conclusion, those inside the swamp won’t give it up.

They will not admit that we had this nailed for three years and that they have been lying, protecting the Chinese Communist Party, and cashing in on billions of dollars for the failed mRNA injections. And like I reported yesterday, in the UK in 2022, 92% of the Covid fatalities had two jabs or more of the so-called vaccine—I would call that a failed effort and a failed drug.