Vice President Kamala Harris has spent most of her time in office trying to figure out the root causes of the border crisis after being appointed as the “border czar” by President Biden who had to find something for her to do back in March of 2021.

Harris hasn’t done or said much about border since then. But she’s not supposed to. A senior administration official told reporters on Monday that she’s not supposed to solve immediate issues on the ground. The person said, “The vice president’s work and what we’re focused on this afternoon is thinking long term and getting at the root of the problem as the administration simultaneously addresses the immediate challenges at the border.”

That’s a word salad (which Kamala is also good at) which actually means that she doesn’t really have to do much of anything. And that’s good because’s she’s even less capable of fixing things than Biden is. And that’s saying a lot.

Our un-serious vice president is supposed to be the point person to deal with the invasion of our country but instead she is telling people that fixing the border will involve clean energy and gender equity.

Dealing with equity and getting rid of fossil fuel seems to be the answer that Democrats have to every problem that exists whether it’s a problem with transportation, the economy, the military, crime or anything else.

However, the reality is that DEMOCRATS are the reason that our problems exist.

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Root cause of border crisis: Democrats

Root cause of increased of crime in America: Democrats

Root cause of increased fentanyl poisoning of Americans: Democrats

Root cause of police shootings: Democrats

Root cause of dependence on foreign oil: Democrats

Root cause of transportation issues: Democrats

Root cause of inflation: Democrats

Root case of product shortages: Democrats

Root cause of staffing shortages: Democrats

As you know, the list is endless.