Over the weekend, the Chinese military ordered an American fighter jet out of its territory—except it was over international airspace. That’s not all. We also learned of more illegal Chinese police stations operating inside the United States, and the flow of Chinese-made Fentanyl continues at a torrid pace. Chinese military contractors are considering arming Russia with drones to attack inside Ukraine—and here at home, China is buying up farmland and shoveling hundreds of millions of dollars to control the media narrative.

Yes, we have a problem with China, and it grows with each passing day. The weakness in the West Wing is allowing it to metastasize at an incredible rate.

However, there is a big breakthrough that could clip the CCP’s wings and get everyone on the same page.

The United States Government finally admitted what you and I have known for a long time—that the Covid-19 pandemic began with a lab leak at the Wuhan Institute of Virology.

Ok, to be fair, not the entire government. Some in Joe Biden’s Administration are outraged that such a conclusion was even made public—but it was.

The Wall Street Journal was the first to report the Department of Energy’s conclusion that a lab leak triggered the worldwide Covid-19 pandemic. That kind of conclusion was enough to get you banned by social media through much of the pandemic, mocked by the relentless pro-lockdown crowd, and smeared by lazy politicians who could not be bothered to ask serious questions.

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While most ridiculed the idea that the Wuhan Institute of Virology was ground zero for the pandemic, a few were smart enough to figure it out early on—including yours truly.

The FBI reached the same conclusion I did, but not until the middle of 2021—18 months later. And now, three years after it all began, the Department of Energy is finding the same facts as so-called ‘new intelligence.’ The DOE says it doesn’t have a high level of confidence, however, and will remain open-minded as investigations by numerous agencies continue.

But the fact is, the FBI arrived at the Wuhan lab leak theory back in 2021—and they were right then and still are today.

What else would explain how a bat virus collected from a species living 900 miles away from Wuhan that just happened to be studied at the Wuhan Institute of Virology began to spread in Wuhan?

Logic dictates that this is the shortest line to the global catastrophe, leading to the incredible overreach of governments and profiteering by Big Pharma giants Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson and Johnson, among others.

Seriously, connect the dots.

And remember when the left was calling anyone who suggested a lab leak racist? Yeah, another black eye for them all.

The Wall Street Journal also wrote that the DOE’s report reaffirmed that the leak was not part of China’s biological weapons program. But on that one, I will wait for the evidence.

The one group you cannot ask is the Chinese—and certainly not the CCP. Why? Because Communists lie—that is what they do. They lie, manipulate, and play games to convince you of things that are simply untrue.

Come to think of it that sounds an awful lot like the people in Washington who are supposed to be looking out for you and me. But that seems to happen less and less all the time.

Now there is a plan afoot to give the World Health Organization tremendous power in the event of a new global pandemic—enough power to tell entire countries what to do.

And yes, this includes the United States—and if you think that’s not possible, then you aren’t paying attention.

Did you really think you’d ever live to see the day when governors ordered people to remain in their homes, close their businesses, and shutter their churches? I never really considered that a strong possibility until it happened.

If you thought American Covid tyrants were bad, wait until we’re ruled by faceless health bureaucrats in Geneva, Switzerland.