Amongst the many other failings of the Biden administration that the senile chief executive will, by intention or brain lock, neglect to mention during Tuesday night’s State of the Union speech will be the threat posed by Red China in two specific areas.

He may castigate the Chicoms over some things and try to sound tough over others. But his record on TikTok and fentanyl speaks for itself.

If the Chinese are trying and succeeding in weakening us from within, then the one two punch of these scourges, one cultural the other in the realm of public health, is doing the trick nicely for Beijing. For TikTok is a Chinese social media operation and Fentanyl is manufactured in China.

TikTok, as many of you already know, is an online source of the worst that humanity has to offer. Not surprisingly, it comes from China. It is nothing more than a Red Chinese propaganda and psyops effort. It seeks to vulgarize and infantilize America to such an extent it will make younger generations unable to resist the siren call of socialism. Look at the support for socialism with the under thirty set. TikTok is succeeding.

Would we have freely distributed the Volkischer Beobachter in this country during WWII? No. Why? Because it was enemy propaganda. The same holds true for TikTok. It should be banned and prohibited from online distribution in the United States. Will it still be available underground? Yes. But we can mitigate its effect.

As we compete with Beijing all over the world and prepare to possibly confront the Chicoms in the Taiwan Strait, the continued access of our citizens to the corrosive influence of TikTok only does a favor to the CCP and a disservice to this nation.

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As per fentanyl, it’s a real plague the Biden administration, with its open border policy in the South, seems to encourage all across the country. Covid numbers were inflated to give Dems power over individuals. Fentanyl is allowed to cross our border by Biden because to stop it might also halt the flow of illegal aliens, some of whom are smugglers of fentanyl. The Biden administration prizes illegal immigrants over any American citizen. Ergo…

The Attorney General of Alabama, Steve Marshall, and the Attorney General of Montana, Austin Knudsen, put it like this, “Fentanyl is 50 to 100 times more potent than morphine. Just two milligrams of the drug can be potentially lethal to any person without a tolerance. In 2022, over 110,000 Americans died from a drug overdose, with more than 68 percent of those overdose deaths being from fentanyl. For perspective, the number of people who died from a drug overdose could fill the home of Alabama Crimson Tide football, Bryant–Denny Stadium, to capacity and still have enough people left to fill the home of Alabama Crimson Tide basketball, Coleman Coliseum, to half-capacity.

In Montana, fentanyl-related overdoses have increased by more than 1,000 percent since 2017. Just between January 11 and 23 of this year, 28 nonfatal and 8 fatal fentanyl overdoses were reported across 13 different Montana counties.”

As far distant from each other as are Alabama and Montana, the tentacles of the Chinese state can still reach them. Americans die there because the Biden administration has neither the competence nor the interest to end this attack by China. Our culture is assaulted by TikTok, our very lives by fentanyl. This is the true state of the union under Joe Biden.