As Valentines Day was recent, we must admit our love of the comedic impact of the White House Press Secretary. She is an unintentional laugh riot.

Like most of the Biden administration, she is a token there to enhance wokism. The entire administration serves as a monument to that. So much so that the racial aspect of tokenism takes on a George Costanza Opposite Day feel.

But, as we are traditionalists, we’ll use the standard definition, i.e- someone hired just for their supposedly underrepresented  demographics. She’s gay, an immigrant, an airhead, black, female, and likely a communist. So she’s a sixfer for the White House. We love the airhead part.

Her verbal fumbles, like “Canadia”, and her obvious stupidity, like her definition of NORAD, puts her in the Norm Crosby school of elocution. This is very amusing and reminds swing voters, the few of them, every day who the Biden administration is and of their level of competence. So per KJP, what’s there not to love?

But this is an administration full of those hired not on merit, as Karine Jean-Pierre so glaringly proves, but on woke boxes ticked.

She was hired for the aforementioned reasons. Pete Buttigieg checks the gay box. Harris and the new Supreme are twofers. Harris also has the KJP-like airhead thing going for her. Sam Brinton, no longer with the Biden administration, was a cornucopia of boxes rolled into one bald guy in glittering dresses. I could go on, but you get the drift.

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Of course, if the demographic poles were reversed and only males of Anglo-Saxon heritage were hired it would be justifiably called sexism and racism. However, magically change the targets of the bigotry and for some reason it’s more than fine. In fact, the PC police think it should be mandatory.

As a triple threat minority myself I find this insulting, as do many others of relative mahogany (at least with a good tan) hue. We can and do successfully compete on merit and win our fair share. And there’s the nasty little secret. Those who want token hiring know full well they’d fail in a merit-based system so they want to tip the scales toward the losers.

Losers in the sense that their sense of entitlement and general sanctimonious lethargy render them unwilling to work hard and make the necessary sacrifices to succeed. Thus, in a way familiar since the dawn of time, the lazy and untalented try to compensate for their failings by attempting to bring down those who work hard and are rewarded for their efforts. This goes by many names. One happens to be the operating notion of the Democrat Party: socialism.

As the Biden administration is infested with socialists, it’s no surprise they hire on race, sex, and other matters that have nothing to do with potential ability to do the job. Hence their horrible record in office, as they’re generally staffed by woke incompetents. Or worse, the competent woke. Not a choice very favorable to anything approaching good government.