Mr. Peter Paul Montgomery Buttigieg, Secretary of Transportation, knows what his job is. And it’s certainly NOT transportation. Mayor Pete doesn’t seem too concerned with anything that has to do with transportation.

We shouldn’t be surprised, really, after he took off for about two months for paternity leave at the beginning of his job.

Nope, young Petey’s not concerned with transportation stuff. Not the ports.

Not the railroad problem.

Not problems with airlines or the FAA outage.

And certainly not the train derailment in Ohio that appears to be poisoning the townfolk. Nope. He’s always too busy being engaged with his climate change and equity speeches. Yes, Petey was “busy” lately but not with anything having to do with transportation.

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He was busy complaining that there are too many white guys in construction. The truth is, America should be happy that there is ANYONE left in construction because there won’t be in another 10-20 years when the 40 to 60-year olds currently in the trade retire.

So good luck if you’ll be trying to find an affordable house in an equitable neighborhood that’s built well in the future. But then again, it doesn’t really matter if climate change is going to melt everything and we’ll all be washed away anyway.