Paul Ryan who? Yes, the guy we kicked out of the Republican Party years and years ago and stopped caring about has made a threat that has us all shaking in our boots (or not).

The Gateway Pundit reports that Fox News Board member and previous Speaker of the House and VP nominee for Mitt Romney, Paul Ryan, says that he will NOT attend the Republican National Convention if the nominee is Donald Trump.

He told WISN Wisconsin that if Trump gets the nomination, he won’t be showing up. He said, “Yeah, I’m not interested in participating in that. No.”

Who invited him to go in the first place?
Seriously. Read the country, dude. You aren’t wanted there or anywhere else.

So I’m wondering…if an irrelevant never-Trumper RINO yells in a forest and everyone is around to hear it, does anyone care? No.

Ryan is proving yet again that the never-Trumpers are all about themselves and who they like and don’t like. They are not about the Republican party and winning elections.

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I think maybe Ryan should look into being Liz Cheney’s running mate when she runs for president 2024. They’d make a great pair.

Meanwhile, GOP chairwoman Ronna McDaniel is trying to get all of the Republicans on board no matter who the nominee is. She’s looking at a “loyalty pledge” to make sure that all of the Republican candidates for president get on board to support the eventual nominee.

McDaniel appeared on CNN’s State of the Union and said, “We haven’t put the criteria [for attending a debate] out, but I expect a pledge will be part of it…I think they’re all going to sign it.”

They might get Trump to sign it for he’ll have his fingers crossed behind his back while doing it.