Prez. Joe Biden continues to pretend that the problems happening in the United States aren’t problems. Or that they don’t exist at all. There’s just nothing to see here.

There’s no there there” – that’s what Joe said about classified documents being mishandled by him and his staff.

Illegal aliens invading the country? A crime crisis? A fentanyl crisis? No need to fix any of that.

Nothing to see here.

A tanking economy? Nope. Lots of jobs being filled. The deficit is fine.

Nothing to see here.

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What about a bunch of balloons and unidentified objects flying in and around our country?

Nothing to see here.
No urgency at all to solve any problems, including invasion by air, land and sea.

Biden and the Democrats can’t even make statements about the importance of what is going on in our country because that would mean that we’re actually having problems –and there are NEVER any problems when the Democrats are running things.

When you suck, you have to keep pretending you don’t suck and tell everyone your own fairytales.

The only things they have any concerns about right now are climate change, trans rights and their complaints of a systemic racist country.

That’s the game plan and they’re sticking to it.