As a guy born in NYC and raised in Florida I may be uniquely qualified to comment on this matter. For when it comes to the question of NYC vs Florida values FL wins every time.

There was a time when NYC had the edge. But the urbane center of the Don Draper world is gone, as is the livable 90s under Giuliani. Now, the place is a crime-ridden woke laboratory where every loony leftist notion gets a tryout and becomes an inevitable failure.

During the same decades Florida went from the relatively sleepy beach community my family moved to in the late 60s to a thriving polyglot metropolis and the financial center of Central and South America. Today, Miami under Mayor Suarez and Florida under Governor DeSantis continues its upward climb while New York City sinks deeper into the woke abyss.

Yes, NYC Mayor Adams has made some interesting noises. But results are results and NYC values of socialism and woke ideology has brought it to its current predicament while Florida ascends under freedom and a bustling market economy.

So it’s rich indeed when DeSantis comes to New York on a pro-police tour, a presidential reconnaissance, and is lectured by Mayor Adams.

“Welcome to NYC, [DeSantis], a place where we don’t ban books, discriminate against our LGBTQ+ neighbors, use asylum seekers as props, or let the government stand between a woman and health care,” Adams wrote on Monday. “We’re happy to teach you something about values while you’re here.”

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Having none of it, DeSantis spox Christine Pushaw struck back. “Nice rhetoric – but here’s reality: More Americans fled NYC than any other metro area last year,” she wrote. “More Americans moved to Florida than any other state. You know this, Mayor Adams, and you’ve talked (accurately) about crime pushing people out of NYC,” Pushaw said. “Florida’s crime rate meanwhile is at a 50 year low…Maybe it’s you who can learn from [DeSantis]?” the governor’s spox shot back. Score DeSantis 1 and Adams 0.

As culture and values are always upstream from politics, the respective conditions of NYC and Florida speak volumes on their values. In fact Adams’ lines are outright lies. Ban books? Not unless we’re talking about perv manuals in elementary school libraries. Discriminate against gays? Has Adams ever been to South Beach? Asylum seekers as props? You mean the same “seekers” who trash then refuse to leave hotels paid for by NYC taxpayers? And the right to murder babies anytime and anyplace? Yeah, Florida is against that while New York City embraces it like a sacrifice to Moloch.

Adams’ desperate insults just shows how scared Democrats are of him as president. What the NYC idiot doesn’t get is that a Gotham hit like that will do wonders for DeSantis in GOP primaries. Thanks for the endorsement, Eric.