The Democrats do what they have to do regardless of anything they have told you in the past or any moral standing they pretend to have. If it helps them with their bottom line (money, votes or power) they will do what they have to do.

In one corner, we have hypocrite “Independent” Bernie Sanders (who identifies as a Democrat during presidential elections). To get votes, he has marketed himself as anti-capitalist. That’s his schtick. But he’s a fraud, as most people already know. He’s got many houses and many millions. He likes money plenty.

In addition to that, he’s using Ticketmaster for his book tour. Fox News reported that CBS’ Margaret Brennan actually called him out on it. She said, “Tickets for your tour apparently are selling for $95 on Ticketmaster, which is accused of anti-competitive behavior. You know that. Some of your Democrats are criticizing them. Aren’t you benefiting yourself from this system that you’re trying to dismantle?”

Sanders blamed it all on his publisher and said he had nothing to do with it.

Ah… the old trick of “I don’t have anything to do with it” but aren’t going to change anything because it is what it is. But Bernie needs the green. The bacon. The coin. The Benjamins.

That’s right. No real commitment to his anti-capitalist mantra when it has to do with HIM and his career and livelihood.

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Then we have Democratic Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer who is perfectly fine working with the Chinese. She won’t get off TikTok because it’s a communication tool and she’s making deals with China-based companies to make Michigan the EV capital of the United States.

Whitmer loves China – and anyone who can help her push green energy. She was also in Davos trying to get even more Chinese and foreign investment. So she’s not just anti-Michigan, she’s anti-America.

And it doesn’t look like she’ll be giving up TikTok anytime soon – even though FBI director Christopher Wray has raised national security warnings against using TikTok. Big Gretch has got it covered. She’s using TikTok the right way.

She told CNN’s Jake Tapper, “We have it on one device that has no access to anything else. Because so many people get their information that way. Whether we like it or not, that is a tool for disseminating important information and that’s how we use it, but we’re always evaluating, because we want to make sure that we are protecting data in Michigan. And that’s why we’re always evaluating, but at this point, the way that we use it is secure.”

So did she buy the phone with cash? Did she set up her account with fake information? I doubt it. Did she turn off the GPS and all tracking information? Somewhere, her administration had to use REAL information to buy the phone and set up the TikTok account so the Chinese DO have governmental information from Big Gretch. Nice try, governor.