It’s been two weeks since the first Chinese spy balloon was spotted by a civilian, setting off a series of events that has just about everyone—even those who make fun of conspiracy theorists—asking what in the world is going on.

Fueling this speculation is the fact that no additional information was released about what the last three flying objects were, what kind of payload they were carrying, what kind of danger they posed, or what more of these invasive spy labs could mean going forward.

For his part, President Joe Biden doesn’t think there is any significance at all—which is strange because John Kirby from the Pentagon is telling anyone that will listen that the President is on top of the situation and very much focused on everything that is happening.

But maybe you should decide because Biden sat down for an interview on Friday that nobody knew about and tried to answer a very simple question about the first balloon that floated over a dozen states and too many sensitive military sites to mention before finally being taken down by an F-16 off the coast of South Carolina.

And it’s a shame nobody knew about this interview because Biden’s answer was a doozie.

When asked if the balloon making it across the entire United States was a major security breach, Biden responded, with his typical eloquence, “The idea that a balloon can traverse, uh, break American airspace is, uh (pause dramatic effect) anyway.”

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That kind of weak, ineffectual response is not only irritating to most red-blooded Americans; it’s starting to wear thin with Democrats, too. It doesn’t appear that President Biden is taking this aerial invasion seriously at all—even though his handlers say he is.

And the answers coming from the Administration are thin to be polite and frankly just not believable, to be honest. Just yesterday, military genius John Kirby told reporters that we have recovered “some, not all” of the balloon and its payload, citing weather conditions and the depth of the water as significant obstacles.

And it is that kind of answer that has members of Congress on both sides of the aisle saying that we have a problem here—and we need clarification on what is going on right now with our national security.
Another part of the conversation is determining what, if anything, is the policy of the United States. 

This is a very fair question considering the first balloon spent days in American airspace and traversed a dozen states before getting ventilated over the Atlantic.

If you listen to the people in Washington, it’s clear that we don’t have a clear or coherent policy, and for many, that is just unacceptable.

Nobody is leveling with any of us—I mean, we know that large sections of the first balloon were recovered and brought to the surface—and yet we are still being kept in the dark about what was on board and what kind of payload these balloons were carrying. The fourth one, shot down over Lake Huron, was only in about 40 feet of water, and they are telling us they still don’t know what it is.

I am calling BS on that line of crap—they would easily have secured that wreckage, and since Huron is fresh water, it will be in far better shape than the one that fell into the ocean. And yet—they keep saying they have no idea.