No, this isn’t an event that I keep track of. In fact, I wouldn’t have known that it even existed had I not received an email from Planned Parenthood about the celebrated festivities. Their email said, “It’s February, love is in the air, and we’re celebrating one of our favorite ways to practice safer sex during National Condom Week: Condoms!”

They go on to say that condoms are really good at preventing pregnancy and sexually transmitted infections, easy to take from place to place, don’t need a prescription and are pretty cheap (even free at some Planned Parenthood “health” centers). They also say that condoms make sex “more fun” because the anxiety and stress of an unintended pregnancy won’t ruin the mood.

In what might be a coincidence of timing (or not), about a week ago I saw an article about the length of penises getting longer.

One of Stanford researchers involved with the project, a urology professor, says that the discovery of an “observed increase in the average length of erect penises” is “concerning.”


The research was published in the World Journal of Men’s Health and says that the “average erect penis length has increased over the past three decades across the world.”

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So it’s not just a “problem” in America, it seems.

How BIG is the problem? The researcher says that the erect penis length has increased by 24% over the past 29 years.

The researcher says that there are “significant implications” and that potential causes should be investigated.

The question is… who’s going to investigate. And how?