We are going to go on a make-believe shopping spree today, and we will start with an incredible amount of American taxpayer dollars. We’re going to see what we can buy—and gain a clear understanding of the size and scope of the money we are sending to a war that is not ours to fight.

How much money?

$200 billion, to be exact, which came as a shock to me because I thought we were at about half that amount, and all of a sudden, it doubled—and nobody seems to care.

Well, I care!

$200 billion is the amount of money that Joe Biden, along with compliant warmongers from both sides of the aisle, has already pledged to one of the most corrupt governments on earth, Ukraine.

The DC gravy train keeps rolling into Kyiv to help stave off the Russian invasion that began a year ago. But the money doesn’t appear to have any strings attached—and because Ukraine is the number one money laundering nation on earth—there is simply no way to accurately monitor the money to know where it is ending up.

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We are literally throwing money into a black hole and hoping for the best. As I often say—hope is not a plan—in fact, it’s nothing at all.

We learned this week from Joe Biden, who made an alleged “surprise visit” to Kyiv yesterday, that we will be paying for Ukraine’s pension plans, welfare programs, rent, and more. Meanwhile, the people in East Palestine, Ohio, are told to pound sand after the train disaster—but maybe I am just nitpicking.

So, are you ready for the shopping spree?

I told you I would give you some examples of how America could invest the $200 billion we are giving to a country in Eastern Europe with whom we have no defense treaty. A country that is not in NATO and that should be getting supported by its European neighbors. But like always, we get the bill—meaning you and me, the American taxpayers, get the bill!

OK, here we go:

The last US nuclear aircraft carrier put into service was the USS Gerald Ford—that was about five years ago—and it cost $13 billion. So, with the money we are sending to Ukraine, we could buy about 15 of those. And with China’s navy getting bigger, more powerful, and more dangerous every single day, that sounds like something we could really use.

We all know that nuclear energy is expanding all over Europe. In fact, France is building 14 of those right now—and it’s funny, but the United States could build 14 of those too—for $200 billion.

We all know the southern border is a disaster—and that more than 100,000 people are dying a year from the illegal drugs flooding into our country along with millions of illegal aliens. Well, a state-of-the-art border wall would cost, on the high end, about $12 billion. so we could build 17 border walls for the kind of money we are shipping to Hunter Biden’s pals in Ukraine.

Oh, and the list goes on because just about everyone agrees that we need better healthcare in America. Well, listen to this, a brand new state-of-the-art hospital like the one that Stanford University opened a couple of years ago was $2 billion. So, we could buy a hundred of those to treat Americans—but we sent the money to Ukraine instead.

How about infrastructure? We could build 25,000 miles of brand-new interstate highways in America—and maybe more with $200 billion—and instead, we gave it away.

We gave away $200 billion dollars for a proxy war—another war the majority of Americans want nothing to do with.

And you could think about it this way—we could buy the border wall for $12 billion, pick up five nuclear power plants at $14 billion each, add five nuclear aircraft carriers at $13 billion a piece, and sprinkle 25 brand new state of the art hospitals across America, build 500 miles of new interstate highways, and still not spend $200 billion. In fact, we would have about $3 billion left over—because I would certainly ask for the volume discount!

Do you understand now how much money we have given to a country that Joe Biden and their President Volodymyr Zelenskyy strolled through yesterday? Even with air raid sirens screaming—sirens they ignored—because they were only for show? 

The more money we give, the more I ask—is this the biggest hush money payment in world history? I mean, none of this makes sense—none of it.

I thought we had learned the painful lessons of Iraq and Afghanistan, but it doesn’t look that way.