People are on the take all over the place and many people are finding it incredibly easy to take taxpayer money to fund their lifestyles. Whether it’s COVID-19 fraud, unemployment fraud, or elected officials funneling money to themselves and their families like Joe Biden, the country seems to be awash in “free” taxpayer money.

The “legal” form of grift starts with the stealing of our money through taxes. Then once the government has their ill-gotten gains, the game is on to figure out how to funnel it properly. The criminals (politicians) have all kinds of scams going on. They use campaigns to steer money to friends and relatives who “work” for them, they give grants to family members and donors, they take donations for their pay-to-play schemes, etc. etc…. there is no end to the creativity of their grift.

Dan Bongino said today on his talk show that it’s why the intel community was so adamant about getting rid of Trump with the Russia collusion hoax and all of their other schemes. Trump figured out how corrupt they all were and Orange Man Bad was enemy number one.

We all know what’s going on with the Biden family dynasty and all of their grift but they aren’t alone. As they continue to do whatever they want to enrich their family, it’s just an open invitation to anyone else (especially Democrats) to do as they please.

American Wire News reports that South Carolina Democratic Rep. James Clyburn has two family members tied to a company that was the beneficiary of about $100,000 in campaign donations. His son-in-law received money for “rent expenses” and a grandson got “campaign management fees.”

No ethics investigation has commenced. But you betcha that NY Rep. and Republican George Santos has one going on!

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Sen. Rand Paul recently went on Fox Business to discuss grift when he talked about the thousands of federal employees who were caught stealing pandemic jobless benefits.

He said, “We offer people free money, and the free money wasn’t enough. They had to cheat to get more free money. So, 70,000 people so far have been caught using fake Social Security numbers. One woman in the period of 40 minutes was able to get $100,000, and hours later, she bought a ticket to Hollywood to spend $5,000 on a hotel that night. So, yeah, the scam artists are out.”

He went on to say, “You name it, you look anywhere, people were stealing the money. And this is not uncommon. Money doesn’t grow on trees, but when it appears to, here come the vultures.”

The COVID-19 pandemic brought out lots of grifters since the government was handing out money left and right. FEMA has been reported as giving out $3.7 billion in “potentially fraudulent” payments through a COVID-19 aid program. A reasonable person would wonder why they can’t stop the fraud at the BEGINNING of the process if they can figure it out at the end of the process? We actually have computers now to verify information. It’s not rocket science. Precautions can be put in place. Rules can be put in place. The government just don’t WANT to do it. It’s obvious.

GRIFT is the reason most of our elected officials are in office to begin with. Grift for themselves, their family and friends and constituents – so they’re not going to do anything to stop it.