As the country spirals into Democrat-backed chaos with crimes being ignored and un- prosecuted – and the invasion of our country at the southern border – it’s clear to see that the government doesn’t care about our safety.

But it’s even more than that. Not only do they not want to provide any safety to or for us, they also don’t want us providing our own safety either. Hence the mantra coming from the Democrats to get rid of our guns. That way, we can’t protect ourselves from the criminals OR the government (one and the same, I know).

One of those people who is apparently NOT allowed to protect himself is 73-year-old Arizona cattle rancher George Alan Kelly, who shot and killed an illegal alien who was on his property at the end of January. The Daily Mail reports that his property sits about a mile-and-a-half north of the US-Mexico border and a friend said he’s had issues with trespassers on his property in the past and says that illegal aliens are seen all the time in the area.

The dead man is a repeat-invader, having been deported multiple times but he kept coming back.

Kelly has been charged with first-degree murder even though Arizona law says deadly force is allowed on a person’s property if the homeowner believes it “immediately necessary to prevent trespassing.”

Kelly is being held with his bail set at a whopping $1 million.

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Kelly asked for a reduction in bail. He said about his wife, “She’s there by herself… nobody to take care of her, the livestock or the ranch…And I’m not going anywhere. I can’t come up with a million dollars…Would you consider reducing it to any degree?”

That didn’t happen.

Meanwhile, rapists and murderers elsewhere, as you have been reading about, have been released from the revolving door of the prison system and Democrats don’t see to have a care in the world about that.