The fences are back up today around the Capital ahead of the State of the Union address. They’ve been put back up to protect members of Congress and others in attendance—which is weird considering so many Democrats say walls and such don’t work.

It will be a tough night for Joe Biden because we already know he is going to say many things that we know are not true. But what are you going to do?
I mean, this is the week after Biden and the United States let a Chinese spy balloon cruise across the whole country before finally letting the air out of the thing over the Atlantic.

It’s also a time when the southern border is, for all intents and purposes, wide open, with record numbers of illegals flowing in.
As a result, towns like Yuma, Arizona, are getting pounded and, we’re told, teetering on the edge of financial collapse. Locals say they cannot even get into their city because it has been flooded by those who have come into the country illegally.
Yes, there is a lot to answer for.

And, funny enough, this is the good news for Joe Biden and company. The nation has soured on this administration—and no matter how they try to create the illusion of a good economy—people all over this country have a very different take.

Inflation is at levels most Americans have never seen—chewing up raises. Many are making more money than ever but have seen their ability to pay the bills dissipate as their buying power has been devastated.

All this takes place while the battle over the debt ceiling is front and center.

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And like I said, the nation has taken notice—and so have the major media defenders of Joe Biden and his team.

Surprisingly, many have soured along with the rest of the nation, disappointed with the economy, the border, crime, foreign policy, and just about everything. In fact, Joe Biden and his team don’t have any accomplishments they can point to that the American people will buy, and they don’t even want to think about him trying to stay four more years.

And when people focus on the economy specifically—it gets really ugly for Biden and his socialist friends. What they are doing is not working; no matter how much they stomp their feet and yell from the rooftops about how great everything is, America is not buying it.

In fact, across the nation, Biden’s failing policies are being rejected like never before. Despite that, President Biden refuses to take any responsibility for inflation or anything else.

Though some, even in the media, are turning against Joey Diapers, the die-hard faithful refuse to face reality and accept what has happened to the American family’s purchasing power. And when it comes to Joe being 80 years old—some won’t even give an inch on that either.