I once again say—that the priorities of this country are totally out of whack.

Every single day we see that this administration is out of its league.
It has been three weeks since the catastrophic train wreck in East Palestine, Ohio, that resulted in a massive chemical fire that caused the deaths of fish, dogs, cats, and chickens, according to residents.

Many also say they developed rashes and headaches and have been sick to their stomachs. But those from the state and federal government keep insisting all is well—like Kevin Bacon in Animal House, ‘All is well everyone, remain calm.’

President Trump came to show his support on Wednesday—bringing thousands of bottles of water and food. He was received like a man of the people.

President Joe Biden has not been there—and there is no plan for him to come either. But he really, really cares about all the people affected.

The person getting hammered more than President Biden for not showing up to Ohio is Transportation Secretary Mayor Pierre Pete Buttigieg—who didn’t even acknowledge the massive environmental calamity until ten days had passed.

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Little Petey told reporters that he wanted to go to Ohio sooner, but he wanted to follow the norms and allow NTSB to take charge.
But that doesn’t line up with what Mayor Pierre said when he was caught on the street during date night. When asked by a reporter why he had not gone to East Palestine yet, he said it was because he was taking some personal time.
The residents of Forgotten America know they are getting screwed—and now that Mayor Pierre finally showed up—they are not impressed with his excuses or what he had to say—not to mention he showed up in fancy dress boots. 

Do you know why? Because Pete Buttigieg doesn’t own any actual work boots. He doesn’t own Carhartt’s. He has probably never driven a pickup truck. Think about that—the Secretary of Transportation has never gotten his hands dirty changing a spark plug or his oil. After all, that is for the peasants—not dignified and important people like himself.

And while the whole narrative was getting deep-sixed by the locals, Mayor Pierre kept trying to answer simple questions about the federal response. But he was having no luck because really there was no acceptable answer.

At one point, while speaking in East Palestine, Pete told a reporter that he had “lost his train of thought.”

To borrow from Pete’s parlance, this administration’s response to the wreck has gone totally off the rails. We had better get serious people in office soon, or things will only get worse from here on out.