NYC Mayor Eric Adams is lifting the COVID-19 vaccine mandate for city workers (if approved the city’s board of Health on Thursday) – and guess what?! Just the News reports anyone who was fired for refusing to get the vaccine in the past can reapply for their jobs.

Oh goodie… I am sure all of those fired workers have been waiting patiently to go back to work for the same sucky city again, knowing that if there’s another outbreak of Covid, chickenpox or diarrhea, the city will come up with a new mandate.

And I’m sure that these new old workers get back everything that they lost right – back pay, seniority, rank, vacation days and the rest of their benefits? Everything they had built up over the years? Yeah, no. I don’t think anyone is holding their breath about that one.

And yes, I’m sure that those 1,750 fired firefighters, police officers, teachers, EMS workers, healthcare workers, sanitation workers and other fired city employees have been sitting by their TVs and cell phones waiting for this day to arrive so they could go back to work for the sucky city of NYC and serve at the pleasure of the government again.

Now that most of the NYC workers “fully” vaccinated (whatever that means), Adams is okey- dokey letting the riffraff back on the city payroll because the mandate has “served its purpose” which was to drive up vaccination among the city workforce during the pandemic.

With the crime crisis in NYC and with the city not having the backs of police officers or taking crime seriously, those 36 fired non-vaxxed police officers must be itching to get back on the job with the NYC (not).

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NYC might need them back now that their city is in crime chaos, but I don’t think the fired police officers need them.