The Democrats have a problem. It’s another identity politics thing. They have their “groups” of people they pander to in order to get votes and right now they have two issues going on.

The first one is the animal rights folks vs. the environmental folks with ten whales getting stranded on Atlantic Ocean beaches (many on the Jersey shore) in less than two months. With no signs of trauma with the latest male humpback whale being found dead, many are pointing the finger at the wind farms off the coast as causing the whales to beach themselves. Some think it’s the noise of the farms and others wonder if the vibrations are causing the whales to get confused and venture too close to shore. So it’s the whale-lovers vs. the windmill-lovers with the Democrats in the middle.

The other issue causing problems for the Democrats is the illegal aliens vs. their black constituents.

In Chicago, black Mayor Lori Lightfoot is on board bringing in illegal aliens to an already crime- ridden Chicago. They will be going into the building of the former Wadsworth Elementary School in Woodlawn (if they haven’t already).

On January 6th, residents of the predominantly black Woodlawn neighborhood gathered to protest. A community member told Fox 32, “The community feels disrespected, they feel as though they were not included and they need answers today.”

Woodlawn business owner Carlas Prince Gilbert told Fox 32, “I’m here because I am concerned, I live here, and we need to know what the plan is.”

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Some questioned why single Latino men and women would be placed in an area that’s predominantly Black (83%) with few services for Spanish speakers in a neighborhood that’s only 3% Hispanic.

Residents feel like there are other more pressing issues to address like Chicago’s crime crisis and that the city and state’s resources should not be used for illegal aliens.

Another resident, Jeane Clark, said, “We’re struggling right not to make Woodlawn an affordable, mixed-income community. While I would love to help immigrants and everybody else, I’d like to help my own first.”

With about 4,000 illegal aliens arriving in Chicago since the end of August and more every day, Lightfoot and other Democrats around the country are using taxpayer dollars on those who aren’t even Americans and people are getting sick of it.

On January 10th, state lawmakers in Illinois approved the funding of $20 million for the influx of illegal aliens into Chicago for “shelter, transportation, basic health, first aid, food” and other needs. Lightfoot was hoping for about double that amount.

Chicago got another $5.5 million from FEMA to use for illegal aliens with another $50 million requested. So it’s millions and billions and billions for the Democrat voter campaign that’s still in progress so that illegals all over the country are taken care of “properly” and in exchange will be future Democrat voters.

A report on Fox News on Tuesday showed even more residents speaking out angrily about the decision to move illegal aliens into the Woodlawn School. A Black female resident of Woodlawn said, “We are tired of begging for what we already own – which is the right to live peacefully and not have our communities turned upside down on a whim of your plan. We (Woodlawn residents) are opposed to this plan. We resent it and we will not accept it.”

Another male resident said, “You’re just still going to go through with the project no matter what. You’re helping people out of different countries instead of helping people in this country.”

The school could house up to 250 illegal aliens.

Chicago is blaming Texas for bussing them into the city but we all know that the illegal aliens bussed around by Republican governors are just a small fraction (tiny tiny) of the amount of illegal aliens being bussed and flown around the country by the Biden-Harris administration.

Back in October, Lightfoot’s spokesperson Ryan Johnson said there were “no plans” to use the school to house the illegal aliens. Then in December, they reversed course but then plans were delayed until now.

Chicago was lovely enough to have “community meetings” about the issue – in which they totally ignored the community. In a flyer handed out at the third community meeting, the city said that January 30th was the intended move-in date. In the flyer, they complain that the homeless shelters were already at capacity before the arrivals of the “migrants” and that they see an average of ten new arrivals a day. In order to serve the needs of the city and the migrants, they have to find somewhere that meets the safety, health and capacity requirements necessary. The flyer also says that they plan to have single adult men and women at the shelter and that the shelter would be used for up to two years.

And yes, the migrants will be able to use the surrounding parks in the neighborhood. In addition to that, instead of the city using taxpayer money for police resources for Chicago residents, they say they’ll be paying for security at the school.

Democrats do what Democrats do and their constituents, no matter what color they are, had better wake up to that reality.