If you didn’t watch Biden’s SOTU speech, I don’t blame you. I didn’t either. I’m not interested in watching an 80-year-old leftist, controlled by the Obama administration folks, lie and tell me about a reality that doesn’t actually exist.

Without even reading the transcript, I can tell you what his speech was about…

Everything’s great but if it isn’t then it’s the fault of Trump and the Republicans because they are horrible and want to take away your Social Security and Democrats are wonderful and here’s a long list of BS statistics that my speechwriter wrote to make us look good and I hope I can make it through the night before my medication expires and I fall off the podium…

Okay… so now I will actually look at the transcript of his speech which is 7,223 words long… Because, yes, I read the speech so that none of us have to watch it.

On a side note, I will admit that before I went to bed, I turned on Fox News for about 20 seconds and started laughing when I saw VP Harris looking in desperate need of a booster seat and with a huge scowl on her face.

Big I digress…

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Looking at the transcript, what do I see…

Yep, Biden starts out by saying “two years ago, the economy was reeling.” Poor Joe, he inherited all kinds of bad Covid and Trump stuff. Although oddly enough, prices weren’t in the skyrocketed territory that they are now. So WE are the ones who actually inherited a mess – in the form of President Disaster.

But alas, he’s created a zillion new jobs.

However, those are not NEW jobs, Joe. They are the same jobs that were left unfilled because of freebies handed out by Democrats. But people have to go back to work now. And no, it wasn’t Covid that shut down our businesses and schools – it was the Democrats.

Biden, of course, brought up January 6th as the “greatest threat” to our democracy since the Civil War, completely ignoring that the Democratic coup against Orange Man Bad for four years and what they did to accomplish it was the ACTUAL greatest threat to our country – including all of the election fraud they concocted, most of which is still in place.

Ignoring reality and the fact that the American people can’t even afford to buy a breakfast of bacon and eggs anymore, old man Biden said, “We’re writing the next chapter in the great American story.”

That’s a joke. The only story they are writing is one of open borders, unchecked criminality among politicians as well as citizens and non-citizens, and “free” money (our money) to friends and family in the “right” industries that fight for Democrat policies like climate change, perceived racism and abortion-on-demand. In reality, these folks are actually Democrat party operatives working to re-elect the supporters of their political goals and future grift.

Old Joe talked about bipartisanship and unity in the Infrastructure bill and other legislation and said he wanted to “restore the soul of the nation.” This, of course, is after being divisive for the past two years and calling us all MAGA Republicans, racists, domestic terrorists and talking about “Jim Crow 2.0”. And in the same speech talking about unity, he accuses the Republicans of wanting to mess with Medicare and Social Security. It’s a scare tactic the Democrats have been using since the beginning of time.

Joe also blamed inflation as a global problem. Of course, it has nothing to do with the fact that we are no longer energy independent or because we fired a bunch of people who wouldn’t get Covid vaccines. Or we paid everyone to stay home and not go to their jobs for as long as possible.

He bragged that gas prices are down form their peak – HIS peak – and said that food inflation is coming down. I hate to tell the old man this, but food inflation RARELY goes down. The smaller packages and smaller food in the smaller packages will stay the same. The high prices will mostly stay the same as well. What goes up, rarely goes down when companies realize we are able to pay those high prices (thank you Visa and Mastercard).

Joe went on with the rest of the speech praising himself for all of the wonderful things that he thinks he’s been doing. And of course, he told us all again that climate change is an existential threat and that everyone needs to pay their “fair share.” Oldies but goodies.

Joe also bitched about fees from cable companies and people paying high prices Taylor Swift tickets and the fact that we have to pay for extra bags on airplanes.

He talked about “comprehensive immigration reform” which is code for Democrats to be able to let more illegal aliens into the country and get amnesty for them. He also talked about their “rights and freedoms” as well as the rights of women who want to abort their babies.

Joe laughably said that he “protected” the country when China threatened us last week even though it took him about a week to get rid of their spy balloon after allowing it to travel across the entire country. Joe also laughably talked about fighting fentanyl when he’s the biggest reason it’s entering our country, with his purposeful open borders allowing the Mexican cartels to bring it into the United States more easily than ever before.

Joe brought up January 6th again near the end of the speech because it’s just the worse thing ever – putting the country and our democracy at risk. He believes that everyone should embrace the

Democrats and “light over dark” and “spam over SpaghettiOs” and whatever else his mantra includes.

Arkansas Governor Sarah Huckabee Sanders, the first female governor of the state, had a seven word answer to Biden’s delusional speech when she talked about Biden and the Democrats’ trajectory and their woke fantasies, “The choice is between normal or crazy.”