There are plenty of important things going on in the country to cry about and protest, past and present, since Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has been in Congress. The fentanyl crisis, the killing of American soldiers when we left Afghanistan, the effects of inflation for seniors with fixed incomes, the rise China and Russia, the southern border, the debt, the wasteful spending in Washington DC…but AOC chooses to use her time to get upset and throw a fit when her best bud, anti-semite Democrat Ilhan Omar, is thrown off the Foreign Affairs Committee because of her hate of the Jewish people and past comments about 9/11.

Republican House Speaker Kevin McCarthy actually got a backbone and called for a vote to give Omar the boot on Thursday. Since her arrival on Capitol Hill in 2019, Omar, who is a Muslim, has been a divisive figure, tweeting out nasty things about Israel, using Jewish tropes about money and even laughing and smirking while a colleague spoke about American troops being killed in Iraq. In addition, when talking about the tragedy of 9/11, she described it as “Some people did something.”

What is the Foreign Affairs Committee? Their website says that they consider legislation that “impacts the diplomatic community, which includes the Department of State, the Agency for International Development (USAID), the Peace Corps, the United Nations and the enforcement of the Arms Export Control Act.”

Omar is about the last person our country needs as a representative on THAT committee.

When speaking about Omar’s past comments and the fact that she’s a national security risk by being on a committee with jurisdiction over U.S. foreign policy, McCarthy said, ““It puts America in jeopardy, and I’m not going to do that under my watch.”

Jesse Watters, on Jesse Watters Primetime, showed the video of AOC’s meltdown over Omar’s removal, which not surprisingly showed her saying, “This is about targeting women of color” – because to Democrats like her, race is everything – and being a person of color in the Democrat party includes a free pass to be anti-American, anti- Jewish and just a generally disgusting human being, free of any criticism.

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And AOC, was, in fact, SO concerned and so enthralled when Omar spoke on the floor on Thursday that she took the time to glance down at her cell phone.