The leftists continue to sow the sees of division and segregation in order to pursue their political agendas. One of the things that they have come up with is having an additional national anthem played at sporting events because they don’t respect the actual one.

Sorry, but we don’t have TWO national anthems. We don’t have a white one and a black one. Not a Christian one, a Jewish one and a Muslim one. Not a heterosexual one and a lesbian one. Not one for seniors and one for college students. We don’t even have a Mexican one or a Venezuelan one or a Nicaraguan one – at least not yet – even though the Democrats are letting invaders come into our country at a record pace.

We have ONE America and ONE national anthem.

But that’s not going to stop the Democrats from moving ahead with their racism and promoting segregation. That’s why the NFL, which has caved to the Black Lives Matter terrorist organization and wokeism, chose to have someone sing the Black national anthem “Lift Every Voice and Sing” at the Super Bowl over the weekend.

In fact, the wokeism crowd has got everyone so scared about not giving the song the recognition that it deserves, that The Hill actually added a correction to a recent article that says, “A previous story inadequately recognized its importance. This story has been revised to reflect its significance. We apologize and regret the error.”

Whoops. Looks like Al Sharpton put in a call to “The Hill” to set them straight.

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It’s not good enough to disrespect the REAL national anthem. To kneel or turn your back on it or not show up for it at all. Or to wear socks about police being pigs during the anthem. Nope, the leftists are working on replacing it altogether. Delegitimizing it. Canceling it.

The song, written by NAACP leader James Weldon Johnson, was a song that was sang during the Civil Rights Movement and used as a “rallying cry.” Therefore it is about one race, not something that is unifying for the entire country.

So unlike the national anthem which is about ALL PEOPLE and the country, this is a song that one race can claim as their own. But that’s what the Democrats like. They like to be racist by pretending to be “inclusive.”