Over the past ten days, the skies above the United States and Canada have turned into a shooting gallery with at least four objects—including at least one confirmed Chinese Spy Balloon—shot down by US fighter jets.

The latest came Sunday above Lake Huron in Canadian airspace, and earlier in the day, the airspace in Northern Lake Michigan was shut down when an object was spotted. The airspace was re-opened, and then a short time later, what I will assume was the same thing was taken down to the east of the first position.

If this is another spy balloon—the question is—how the hell could it get all the way to the Upper Midwest? How can these balloons keep showing up, and where are they coming from?

Is this a test from the Chinese Communist Party? Are they poking our perimeter and testing our resolve?

The first confirmed spy balloon from Beijing was allowed to drift over a dozen states for several days before it was finally taken down off the coast of South Carolina. That delay has brought heavy criticism with both sides, including Democrats, asking why the balloon was allowed to complete its mission before being knocked out of the sky.

It also raises questions about the intention of the Chinese—was this the actual threat—or just a giant diversion tactic?

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Either way, some here in the United States—including Michigan’s Democrat Governor—don’t seem very concerned about Chinese spies above us—or in the palm of our hand.

Appearing on CNN’s State of the Union, Whitmer defended her use of TikTok despite warnings because she believes that’s how voters get information these days.

If you thought low information voters were bad, wait until you see TikTok information voters.

Anyway, Whitmer’s willful ignorance of TikTok’s risks is remarkable, considering she will almost certainly make a run for President whenever Joe Biden tosses in the towel.

For many others, however, there is real anger and frustration over the lack of answers and transparency regarding what is really going on with the balloons. I mean, is this a cause for concern, or is it some kind of ruse? Could this be a way to create a sense of normalcy about these kinds of things so people stop paying attention to how serious something like this could be? 

The lapdog media is in a tizzy trying to find answers about what is going on, but they aren’t getting answers from here or China, it seems.