Today is a joyous anniversary that I am sure you are all celebrating. It’s the two-year anniversary of President Biden’s inauguration. On the positive side, we only have two years left to have to put up with him. Or maybe less considering that Biden’s DocumentGate sure looks like an inside job.

I mean, with the way the Democrat party does their whole CYA game with all of their politicians, why in the world do we even KNOW about the classified documents they found? This reeks of some kind of “Operation Get Rid of Old Joe” coup. And we KNOW how good the Democrats are at coups.

And clueless Biden, who is 80-years-old now, thinks this is just another distraction that will blow over because his “people” and the folks in the media will run cover for him. But, as I said, it appears to be an operation to either take him out of the Oval Office earlier than he wanted – or prevent him from running for president in 2024.

Either way, Biden isn’t understanding what’s going on and smirked at reporters the other day when they were yelling questions about the classified documents at him.

Yes, he thinks he is PROTECTED. Because Democrats are ALWAYS protected.

The American Wire says, “President Joe Biden had the demeanor of a man who believes that he’s untouchable, smirking and laughing at questions from reporters about the classified documents stashed away at his home in Delaware on the day of a bombshell report that his Justice Department made a deal to keep FBI agents away from the search.”

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Just watch the arrogant SOB in the video that’s embedded in The American Wire article. It’s quite disgusting to watch cocky President Disaster shrug off his latest scandal.

But he seems to enveloped in what appears to be false cocoon of protection. The senile old man just doesn’t understand that he’s outgrown his usefulness.The puppet president did what he was supposed to do and now he needs to go before he spills any Democrat secrets or embarrasses them any more.

Plus he’s just not popular. The Jerusalem Post reports that old Joe’s approval rate is only at 40%, “close to the lowest level of his presidency this week.”

And even the Democrats don’t want the old geezer to run for president again in 2024. The Hill reports a December 20th YouGov poll with 54% of Democrats opposing a Biden re-election run and only 26% in favor.

In the meantime, wife Jill (or the Easter Bunny) will be guiding Biden around by his elbow and his handlers will do their best not to have him talk to anyone in the media other than Drew Barrymore and Cardi B.