I told you I would take the over on an over/under bet when KJP and the Biden Administration said the search for classified documents was finished—and I was right. A third batch popped up, and after that, I said I would take the over again on an over/under bet—and then another batch of highly sensitive documents, including more top-secret papers, came tumbling out.

I am still taking the over because it appears that Joe Biden had—and apparently still has—all sorts of documents he is not supposed to. A search of his home on Friday revealed a fifth pile of documents in Joe Biden’s possession. This latest batch includes some papers that date back to his time as a United States Senator—meaning he has had them for whatever reason since before 2009. There has not been a date placed on them, so they could be from when he was first elected in the 1970s until he left the Senate in 2009 to become Vice President.

With each passing day and each pile of new documents comes a heap of new questions—and it gets harder and harder for Democrats to cling to the notion that somehow Donald Trump should be disqualified from running for President again and Joe Biden should not. They claim Joe’s little incident is different because he had no ill intent or something like that.

But I am here to tell you that it gets tough to believe Old Joe didn’t know about any of the documents in his possession. I mean, come on, at some point, that argument has no credibility, and then the questions become, who else had access to these documents? Where have they been? How many times have they been moved? 

But the biggest question today is how many documents are still in Joe’s possession? Could other piles of classified information still be floating around? And, of course, what did the White House know, and when did it know?

The American people are very forgiving, but they do not like being deliberately lied to over and over again.

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For Joe Biden and his team, this is getting tougher and tougher sledding. You can only say that’s all there are so many times and have it proven wrong before people stop listening.

And when your media pals start getting up and heading for the exit, you know the curtain is starting to come down.
And that is precisely what started happening over the weekend. Those who have historically protected Joe Biden started throwing stones at the idea that he didn’t know. It begins with the fact that the first Top Secret documents were found almost a week before the mid-term elections, and it was kept hush-hush from the public—and it might have stayed that way until a leak put the media on the trail. Even a reluctant media can happen into a story once in a while.

Here is what I am starting to wonder now—as I did last week: is this an inside play by Democrats to push Joe Biden to the sidelines?

But what I am thinking now—is this: is it possible that the DOJ has known about Joe Biden’s classified document problems for a lot longer?

Are the puppet masters and power players behind the curtain working this to perfection? First, they set up former President Donald Trump to completely tar and feather him in public and make him even more toxic—and maybe, if they are lucky, get him into a legal predicament and disqualify him from running in 2024.

The raid on Mar-a-Lago was made to be a very public circus, and maybe that was the point. Make people choose sides—with Democrats and their media pals going into hyperdrive to destroy Trump and demand his head on a platter.

Meanwhile, the masters of deception were smiling—quietly waiting—for the so-called leak to happen involving Joe Biden’s documents—because now they may be able to disqualify both of the candidates they despise and want to keep off the 2024 ballot.

What if this was all designed from the beginning to clear not just Trump but Joe Biden too—because, for different reasons, neither one can be properly controlled by those that believe they are the ones running the whole country—and honestly, maybe they are.

Let that one sink in for a minute or two. A Big Fat Two-Fer wrapped up in old classified and Top Secret Documents that very likely have very little national security importance anymore.
So where does this all go from here?
Will the American people agree with both Trump and Biden getting the boot? Will there be backlash? And do people in power behind the scenes even care?