Videos showing what allegedly led to the death of a black father and FedEx employee, 29-year-old Tyre Nichols, at the hands of five black police officers in Memphis, Tennessee have been released, showing the officers beating Nichols.

Protests immediately popped up in cities all over the country on Friday including Sacramento, San Francisco, Dallas, Memphis, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, NYC, Boston and other cities. More protests took place over the rest of the weekend.

While most protests were nonviolent, as requested by the family of Nichols, the Antifa terrorist saw the death of Nichols as another opportunity to start rioting with a public call to “burn it all down” in their continuing anti-police crusade. Their anarchy is often able to go unchecked when police departments like the LAPD instruct their officers to stand down as reported by journalist and author Andy Ngo.

After the bodycam footage was released, rioters in Los Angeles attacked an LAPD vehicle on Friday, throwing fireworks at it.

A Black Lives Matter activist in New York City in Union Square, Hawk Newsom yelled at the crowd, “F*** peace! F*** peace!” He continued to yell “We ain’t never taking violence off the f****** table.”

Where does that leave the rest of us?

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It leaves us in a world where the good cops are afraid to pursue criminals, the bad cops step over the line and the criminals know they can get away with whatever they want to as seen the last few years with our rising crime statistics. With illegal aliens invading the country, things have only gotten worse and I don’t see any leadership calling for peace or law and order – or an end to the Democrat parties’ race baiting election strategy.

The thin blue line is getting thinner in both their ranks and in the ability to do their job (or inclination to).

The videos of the Memphis police officers attacking Nichols are horrific and not what we expect from our police officers – no matter what color they are or where they are from and no matter who the offender is or what race they are.

My two questions remain concerning the traffic stops – and it’s what usually causes these events to happen because of how both sides respond…

1. Why do the offenders resist and run, even sometimes the innocent ones?

2. Why don’t the officers handcuff the offenders (and their legs) and put them in their vehicles as soon as possible?

Maybe these are naive questions but this is what I see happening in videos of police getting aggressive while apprehending criminals, sometimes warranted, sometimes not.

Breitbart News reports that talk show host Dan Bongino was on Fox News Channel’s “Fox & Friends” on Saturday to talk about Nichol’s death and said it wasn’t a “training issue” like some folks are talking about.

Bongino said the officers had failed their duty to defend everyone’s rights. He asked, “Do you think anyone was trained to do this? This isn’t a training issue, guys. … Nobody is trained to do this. This is not a training issue. This is a personnel issue. These guys are just bad guys. Who does this? Listen, guys, there is no attempt in this situation – and again, I’ve been there, I’ve done this, I’ve watched this video now probably ten times – there is no attempt at all, at any point in this scenario to de-escalate, none, zero.”

He added, “Listen, as conservatives and libertarians and as any sane, rational lover of this country, it is our duty no matter who we’re looking at in this video, a cop, a civilian, or anyone else to defend everyone’s God-given rights are God-given rights…I’m not really sure that these cops understood that with this guy.”

He continued, talking to the cops in the audience, “We are not vigilantes. This isn’t freaking ‘Judge Dredd,’ okay. We are paid to do a job. We are that thin crust on a volcano, as that old adage goes, and we keep civilization – along with our military internationally – intact, okay?”

Bongino went on to make my point when he said, “When those handcuffs are on or that subject stops resisting, that fight, damn it, it’s over, man. That fight is over. That is not your fight anymore…It is for the judge and the judicial system and a jury or if he decides to plea and get a lawyer at that point, that is the purpose of a legal system. We are not animals. We are not savages. We don’t beat the living out of people to make a point. This isn’t a bar fight. We’re not bouncers. We’re professionals.”

Besides the issue of suspects resisting police and the police aggressively trying to apprehend them, the other problem is the media. The left mostly hates police. The elected Democrats and the media surely do and they use their powers to gin up their electorate whenever opportunity arises. They will pick one incident in a country of more than 333 million people to talk about and put on their news program day in and day out to further their political agendas.

First, the reporting about the police from the leftists was about white police going after “unarmed” black men – and now it doesn’t matter what race a suspect is because CNN says that this Nichols incident is still about race. The network continues to push both police-hate and racism for their ratings.

CNN Van Jones, who was about the ONLY person radical enough to be rejected by the Obama administration for a job, is a black commentator on the network. He wrote about Nichols’ death that black people “are not immune” to the effects of anti-black racism and that the narratives of police violence should never be as simple as “white cop kills unarmed black man.”

He continued, “Society’s message that Black people are inferior, unworthy and dangerous is pervasive… Over many decades, numerous experiments have shown that these ideas can infiltrate Black minds as well as White. Self-hatred is a real thing.”

As the Democrats continue to push DEI (Diversity, Equity and Inclusion) policies at schools; segregate the population; give special treatment to one race over another in regards to opportunities, treatment, justice and punishments; make reparation payments; open safe spaces for different genders and races; relentlessly single out individuals involved in violent encounters and treat the entire country as racists, the hopes and dreams of Martin Luther King Jr. will get further and further away – dragging us behind in making any progress of peacefully getting along and EQUALITY (not equity).

But that’s what the Democrats want and until people wake up and realize that we are all pawns in a race war, with the police on the battle lines but being made impotent, not much is going to change anytime soon – except more crime and everyone being left on their own to protect themselves.