The limitless amount of money and weapons being sent to Ukraine by the United States continues. In the beginning, I supported helping Ukraine out after seeing the scenes of destruction, death and chaos. Plus I don’t like Russia. But it’s become apparent that, in my opinion, the whole thing is a money laundering operation that is not going to stop anytime soon.

We’ve given Ukraine billions of taxpayer dollars – $50 billion in aid to Ukraine in 2022 according to the website The Conversation who calls the money we’ve sent to them “staggering.”

And on January 20th, it was announced by the State Department that we’re sending Ukraine another $2.5 billion worth of military equipment and supplies. In a transcript of a press conference out of Germany discussing the matter after a conference with a Ukraine Defense Contact Group, Defense Secretary Lloyd Austin said, “The United States remains committed to leading in this coordinated effort, and this morning, I was pleased to announce another major round of U.S. security assistance designed to meet Ukraine’s urgent battlefield requirements, and this $2.5 billion package is one of our largest yet. It helps Ukraine meet its air defense needs with additional NASAMS munitions and eight Avenger air defense systems. And this package also helps tackle Ukraine’s urgent need for armor and combat vehicles. It includes 59 additional Bradley infantry fighting vehicles and 90 Stryker armored personnel carriers, 53 MRAPs and 350 up-armored Humvees, and it will provide thousands round — thousands more rounds of artillery.”

So as the Democrats threaten that cutting the debt ALWAYS means cutting our social security benefits (and the money paid to defend our own country), somehow they ALWAYS come up with the money they need for their partisan projects, whether that project is Ukraine, climate change, social justice or battery plants for electric cars. Somehow, even when we’re in debt, they always find the money for what they want to fund. And Ukraine is one of those things.

In addition to giving Ukraine tons of money, we’re also depleting our weapons stockpiles. So much so that now we’re transferring weapons from Israel to Ukraine – weapons stored in Israel to fight off middle eastern aggression. Fox News reports “The U.S. has transferred thousands of artillery shells from a military weapons stockpiled in Israel to Ukraine for weapons aid.” This is after depleting our own weapons stockpiles in America and even more stored in South Korea.

Why is Biden (and his Democrat cohorts) so eager to help out Ukraine? Because they want to keep their money laundering operation in Ukraine going – and they don’t want their past grift exposed.

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In a recent podcast of The Dan Bongino Show, Dan Bongino talked about the Biden/ Soros/Ukraine connection in Episode 1931. He describes how the document scandal, the Russia hoax, the impeachment hoax, Ukraine and George Soros are all connected.

Bongino said that Ukraine was a piggy bank for elites and lobbyists and that “Joe Biden wanted a piece of that money. That’s what’s ultimately behind this classified documents scandal which is about far bigger things.”

Bongino says elites and lobbyists have been taking money out of Ukraine for years including Republicans, getting money from both the pro-Europe and the pro-Russia sides of the conflict going on for years. Because of this conflict, Bongino says that Ukraine was a “cash cow” for everyone.

A 2020 article in The World talks about U.S. lobbyists “eager to take dirty money.” And that, my folks, is what the 2019 impeachment of Donald Trump was all about. Trump wanted Joe and Hunter Biden’s ties to Ukraine investigated because they were two of the eager beavers who wanted Ukrainian money for themselves.

Bongino says The White House is in a panic because the depth of the scandal includes Biden and his son, Hunter, being involved in the money game in Ukraine.

Bongino asks the B-I-G question during his podcast when he says, “Was Joe Biden funneled money through his son by Ukrainians to get money and weapons to Ukraine?” Bongino says if that’s the case, then it’s only the “biggest scandal in modern presidential history.”

Bongino points to an older article in The Hill by John Solomon titled “US Embassy pressured Ukraine to drop probe of George Soros group during 2016 election.”

Well, of course, you can’t have Soros investigated when he’s the largest donor in the world to the Democrat Party and their causes. Bongino says about the article, “It lays out for you in detail exactly how the Ukrainians, Soros, the FBI, the DOJ, the US Embassy are tied together in this massive scam to funnel money from Ukraine to influential US politically connected people to advance agendas in Ukraine.”

We’ll keep on eye on things and see if the REAL Biden and Democrat scandal actually comes out but I won’t hold my breath. Even when the Democrats DO get exposed about things, by the time it happens, it’s years and years later and no one cares.

But isn’t it interesting that it’s yet another thing that Donald Trump was probably right about??