I want Pete Buttigieg’s job. I really do. You don’t have to do anything except go on TV and do an interview after you are proven to be a complete and total failure at your job and you still continue get paid more than $200K. I wrote about his incompetency back on January 4th and the hits just keep on comin’..

Mr. “After-the-Fact-Buttigieg” has been at the helm of the Transportation Department, but doing nothing, during a growing list of crises. He started off his career AWOL on paternity leave which was obviously a harbinger of things to come.

Then along came the ports in chaos and the supply chain crisis, airlines cancelling flights all over the country because of short staffing and vaccine mandates, the Southwest Airlines fiasco over the holidays, the railroad strike negotiations…and now we have the FAA outage that, according to The Daily Mail, “delayed at least 8,000 flights and halted America’s air traffic for the first time since 9/11.”

Way to go, Petey.

The explanation for the outage is reported by NBC News as to having been a computer issue with a corrupt file that affected NOTAM (Notice to Air Mission System).

So if the FAA isn’t spending their billions of Democrat Covid money on a better computer system, what exactly ARE they spending the money on? Probably salaries and bonuses just like the schools across the country who were supposed to spend their money on Covid mitigation.

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So Petey is left holding the bag again. Poor guy. But really, folks, should he be expected to be a computer expert? He’s just a spokesperson and also a DEI and climate change administrator. He has his priorities straight and they aren’t transportation.

Mayor Pete doesn’t know what he’s doing. That’s clear to see. And even though he’s a white man (the scourge of the earth), he’s gay so he’s not going to be fired anytime soon. Can you remember how long it took for the Biden administration to fire the non-binary nuclear waste official Sam Brinton even after after videos emerged of his/her crimes?

So yesterday, after the aviation shutdown, Mayor Pete answered some questions from the media about why he was asleep at the wheel. Again.

He said, “When there’s a problem with a government system, we’re going to own it, we’re going to find it and we’re going to fix it. In this case we had to make sure that there was complete confidence about the safety of flight operations which is why there is the conservative but important step to have that pause and make sure everything is back up and running…but as you can imagine, my top priority, right now that the system is working again… is to understand the root cause, understand how it could have led to this level of disruption and understand how to make sure that it does not happen again.”

Let’s see… first of all, the government doesn’t FIX anything. They CAUSE problems. And second of all, if he’s trying to find out the root cause of something, maybe he should get together with his pal,

Kamala Harris. She’s doing a bang-up job trying to get to the root cause of our broken immigration system. Spoiler alert, Kamala: It’s Democrats.

Mayor Pete closed out his chat with the reporters to say that “this gives us a really important data point and a really important moment to understand what we’re going to need moving forward…”

Yes, it’s a “learning experience” as opposed to a time to fix something as soon as possible.

But we shouldn’t be surprised by a comment like that. Democrats don’t proactively solve ANYTHING. They don’t fix anything. They regulate everything they can and waste their time on Democrat political agendas like DEI, climate change, abortion, marketing the party and winning elections.

They are worthless and Mayor Pete is worthless. He’s just a frontman. A talker. Kinda like President Biden.