It took 15 rounds, but Kevin McCarthy finally got the gavel and is the new Speaker of the House.

The question is, will he be able to govern? He gave a lot to the Freedom Caucus to get them to stand down so the 118th Congress could get underway.

I have very low expectations for McCarthy as Speaker; in fact, I have no expectations at all. How could I? This guy has been in bed with the establishment for a long time and has stood by while we, American taxpayers and citizens, have been sold down the river too many times to remember.

The latest, of course, was a $1.7 Trillion spending spree that takes us careening blissfully into October with no fiscal brakes to be found.

The open border with Mexico and the billions of dollars in pursuit of what nobody is exactly sure of in Ukraine’s war with Russia are some other easy examples of what is becoming an increasingly weaker government in Washington.
The Democrats are just slaphappy about McCarthy having to fight for the gavel like no Speaker since 1923. Democrats always stand together to defame your country and attack those that defend her integrity and honor.

They have no shame in defiling this nation in word and deed while claiming to love America. But as my mom always said—and I’ll bet yours did too—actions speak louder than words.

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So, I say, good for the Republicans that stood up and said no, we are not just going to jump on board and go along so we can pass conservative bills that will never actually go anywhere. They never go anywhere because Mitch McConnell made several decisions to avoid GOP control of the US Senate and drive the socialists out. As a result, the GOP House majority can only stop the most outrageous efforts by the left.

Mitch and his spineless colleagues allowed the Democrats to thread the needle and let John Fetterman—a man whose medical and mental fitness is clearly compromised—become their 51st vote in pursuit of the Socialist Utopia that will never be achieved. How often does history have to repeat itself before everyone understands that socialism, communism, Stalinism, Maoism, and all the rest fail 100% of the time?

And let’s be clear about something here, the Republicans were caught in some very public fights during the 15 rounds of voting —but they are not the enemy.

Matt Gaetz of Florida may have engaged in some tawdry behavior—but he is not the enemy.

Don Bacon of Nebraska is about as RINO as you can get on some days—but he is not the enemy.

Marjorie Taylor Greene was caught out in left field several times, and so has Lauren Boebert—but they are not the enemy.

The twenty Republican holdouts are not the enemy, nor is Donald Trump. The former President is not to blame for the direction of the nation today, the failures of GOP leadership, or the disgraceful behavior of the Democrats in the West Wing.

The enemy IS Socialism!

The Enemy IS Globalism!
The Enemy IS The World Economic Forum!

The Enemy IS The Green New Deal!

The enemy is those attacking and destroying farms in the Netherlands, fertilizer in America, and freedom in Canada.

The enemy is a post-America world where China calls the shots, and personal freedom means nothing. The enemy is the end of Western Civilization brought about by those who claim to know better about how to run your life.

The enemy is the United Nations Agenda 2030 and every similar effort to undermine the freedom of speech, press, religion, and the redress of grievances—of which you can tell I have plenty.

So don’t let the left infect you with its perverse thinking on the nature of things or the true nature of America. They are the true enemies of our future and want to smash and silence anyone who fails to fall in line.

That means I am in real trouble.

The enemy is not those who oppose the Democrat machine veering left. Now, more than ever, we must stand with those that oppose the socialist shift of this nation, even if it means floor fights in the US House. Sometimes you must lance the boil to kill the underlying infection.