The globalists, as we have been discussing this week, are all gathered in Davos, Switzerland, where they are plotting the future of the world. Or, in my estimation, the destruction of Western Civilization in pursuit of some utopian pipe dream that will never become a reality.

The discussions are frantic and delusional outbursts over what the global elites continue to claim are existential threats to the planet and—of course—democracy.

Nobody has been more consistently hysterical and wrong than former Vice President Al Gore, who, based on his expanding girth, is a clear and present danger to global resources. It looks like he’s had a few too many of Bill Gates’ chocolate-covered crickets. His carbon footprint is expanding dramatically along with his shadow.

I thought a big part of this whole effort was to stop eating meat and reduce consumption overall. If it is, he seems to have missed the memo.
But the bigger concern for me today is that Al—who has made some of the most outrageous and completely inaccurate predictions about the climate—seems to be off his meds, too.

He went on a bizarre rant about boiling oceans and rain bombs, whatever they are.

That is pretty much what is happening in Switzerland. A bunch of uber-rich egomaniacs that think they are the smartest people in world history are lining up to start barking orders at you—the peasants—telling you to do as you’re told or we will all burn to death. Or, as Al said—be boiled alive in the oceans or killed by rain bombs.

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I think he may have gotten into the gummies and eaten the whole damn bag—but I digress. Another scary member of the apocalypse team is the Climate Czar and recipient of his wife’s remarkable wealth, John Kerry—who thinks he was just beamed down here by Captain Kirk to save the world.

So, let’s just rolling tape of the Doomsday Crowd in Switzerland, and don’t be surprised if you wake up tomorrow to find out they all put on purple Nikes and got five dollars in quarters to ride the spaceship home. I mean, this is some serious cult-mentality-level mental illness here.

But as the histrionics reach a fever pitch—that will make the average person’s ears bleed—we are going to dig deeper into the Gospel of Doom and the Church of Green New Dealers, both hell-bent on trying to scare the hell out of us so badly that we submit to the asylum they need to be living in.