Kevin McCarthy has thus far refused to give up, even after failing 10 times to secure 218 votes to be the next Speaker of the House.

McCarthy is despised by members of the Freedom Caucus, who have had 20 members reject McCarthy repeatedly, and right now, there doesn’t appear to be a Plan B, not from McCarthy or his opponents.

So, the question is, where do we go from here, and can the GOP find a candidate who can unify the party and secure 218 votes for Speaker? If it’s not McCarthy, who is it?

And look, it really doesn’t matter what the Democrats are blathering on about; there is no pressing business that isn’t getting done in Washington. The whole refrain of ‘we have to get to work for the American people’ is utter nonsense.

Committee assignments would not even come until three weeks from now, and even then, it’s just not that big of a deal. Whatever it is that isn’t getting done right now won’t affect you and me.

And honestly, when gas is back above $4 in the spring, and energy prices soar during the coldest part of the winter—which is still to come—Americans won’t remember the political theater that played out in early January.

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Trust me, soaring inflation, eggs at $5 a dozen, and rising unemployment numbers will be back front and center for people in this country.

The wide open border and out-of-control crime will be what moms and dads worry about, and those in traditional Democrat voting blocs will continue to leave the ever more socialist blue team in search of a new political home. That’s why Republicans, for the first time in several elections, secured not just the House of Representatives but also won the popular vote by several million—that indicates good things to come.
Pair that with Joe Biden’s low approval numbers and the number of Senate seats the Democrats must defend next year, and you start to understand why Republicans think they can win an argument about who best to lead us out of the wasteland feckless politicians and their reckless policies abandoned us in.

Can Kevin McCarthy still salvage the gavel, and if he can, will he be able to govern at all? These are questions for which there is no answer today.

The Freedom Caucus showed us it has political muscle and is willing to flex it to get what the more conservative members want.

And what they want is an end to the insane spending, an end to the insane green new deal garbage that is hurting millions of Americans, an end to the flood of illegal aliens that want to turn this country into another third-world mess, an end to sending billions of dollars to shady leaders like Volodymyr Zelenskyy in Ukraine.

They want an end to the soft-on-China policies, an end to meddling with Iran, an end to promoting the sexualization of kids, an end to teaching those same kids that America is a horrible place, an end to the gravy train running 24 hours a day for those in Washington while America’s train gets run off a cliff.

They want an end to intelligence agencies imposing the political will of the socialist Democrats on all of us by hijacking social media companies and nearly every major so-called news outlet in this country.

So, if this is what the left calls radical, please count me in. If this is what they are trying to prevent by blocking Kevin McCarthy and other bought and paid-for insider politicians of either party—then count me in.

And if it means finally digging into the scam run on Donald Trump and the American people by Hillary Clinton, the dishonest media, and George Soros, then yes—count me in.

And finally, if it means holding crackhead Hunter Biden and his drug-fueled empire accountable for every dirty deal and felony, then yes, by all means, count me in.

America is supposed to be a nation of laws. We don’t need immigration reform; we need to enforce our immigration laws at the border starting yesterday.

We don’t need justice reform; we need to enforce the laws on the books already.

We don’t need gun control; we need to hold those using guns illegally accountable and prosecute them to the furthest extent allowed by law.

Again, if this is radical, then by God, count me in.

Oh, and one more thing, if it means standing up for the National Anthem and having school kids recite the Pledge of Allegiance to the greatest nation in the world every morning, then by God, yes—count me in.

If this is the measure, then I am a radical! And damn proud of it too!