The Doomsday Clock is winding down toward midnight. But is it something to take seriously, or is it just more fear porn trying to get us to panic and allow the government to step in and exert more control over what happens next?

The Doomsday Clock is a device dreamed up by a group of fear-mongers at the Bulletin of Atomic Scientists. They say we are 90 seconds from the Apocalypse—the direst position the clock has ever been in.

But let’s suppose for a minute they are on to something here. After all, AOC and Greta Thunberg, among other high-achieving intellectual elites, have been screaming that it will be all over by 2030. But soon, they will retract their outrageous comments because, of course, predictions of the end of time, no matter which cult leaders put them out there, just never come to pass.

And let’s be straight—it seems to be a tool. Another tool to elicit a strong reaction from a certain segment of the population.

But there are real things that are unsettling, to say the least. The worldwide economy is not in great shape—more supply chain issues will likely occur again soon, with China getting battered like chicken with its homegrown Covid outbreaks.

This comes at a time when it’s pretty clear that the vaccines and all the mandates and lockdowns did more harm than good—as I told you last week. The United States has suffered 300,000 excess deaths since early 2020. These deaths were not from Covid but can be attributed in most cases to reactions to the pandemic that impacted medical care across the nation.

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Despite the obvious failures of the mRNA jabs—including the harm done to many people by the injections—the steady push continues to return to some of those draconian rules and regulations.

I can assure you that I will not be among those allowing further experimentation with my body or health.

Watching the Doomsday Clock—you certainly have to look at the military build-up in China—and I’m not sure if all of the things I am going to touch on are considered by the folks moving the clock—but they should be if they aren’t.

The Chinese military build-up and establishment of new military bases creates an atmosphere of escalation.

Speaking of which—does sending US and German tanks to fight Russia in Ukraine count as an escalation? To me, it is an outright declaration of war by the U-S against Vladimir Putin and Russia—and I say, why?

What on earth did we miss with our follies in Iraq and Afghanistan? 

I don’t think America has any business being as deeply involved in the war as we already are—but many in Washington still want us in far deeper.

Then consider what is happening with our wide-open southern border. The lawlessness, the tidal wave of deadly illegal drugs, and human trafficking.

Then, of course, there is the disturbing footage of five police officers pummeling a suspect for so long and so aggressively that they are now all charged with the death of Tyre Nichols.

No wonder people don’t have a very good attitude right now.

But a bad attitude sure doesn’t mean it’s the end of the world. What do you think?