Former President Donald Trump called for unity behind California Congressman Kevin McCarthy, and suddenly nobody cared, and nothing changed. Instead, the number of those voting against the embattled Republican leader grew.

It has to make you wonder if the influence of the man running for a third term has waned. His endorsements leading up to the past few elections have carried serious weight, but that appears not to be the case anymore.

Those pushing back include some of his staunch supporters over the years and people he openly supported in elections, like Matt Gaetz of Florida and Lauren Boebert of Colorado, not to mention Ralph Norman of South Carolina and Andy Biggs of Arizona.

Congressman Gaetz took it one step further on Wednesday and called Trump’s endorsement of McCarthy sad! A clear shot at one of the former president’s catchphrases.
But it appears this battle for the heart of the Republican Party and the GOP is much bigger and more significant than some people realized.

With a block of 20 Republicans saying that they do not support McCarthy and never will, it looks like he will not emerge as the House leader—or ever get the gavel.

It’s the first time since 1923 that a Speaker has not been selected on the first ballot.

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And let me be clear—I think this is a good thing. I am with the dozens of heavyweight conservatives who do not support McCarthy and instead support a robust debate on who will get the gavel.

I am a big fan of Florida Congressman Byron Donalds, who was nominated and picked up 20 votes in the fifth and sixth votes.

Though most observers say Donalds has no chance—I say that’s too bad!

It’s too bad that to become Speaker—or get whatever other assignment you want—more emphasis is placed on seniority and tenure than talent and ability. It makes Congress sound more like it runs on a union mentality, not the meritocracy of America’s past.

I think Donalds, who is entering his second term, is in his early forties with a great story, has a background in finance, and a fierce presence on TV, is the perfect kind of leader for a new wave of conservatism. The fact that he is black is another bonus because, as I have said on this program for a long time, the new face of conservatism in America is Black and Brown. As more and more traditional Democrats reject the status quo and search for a new political home, how better to do that and set the tone for the future than to put an eloquent, articulate, incredibly bright black man on the floor as the Speaker of the House? Talk about turning the tide and getting millions of Black and Hispanic Americans to rethink their political identity. You could not find a more effective person to pull that off than Byron Donalds. Personally, I think he is a rockstar, but alas, he has not been in the club long enough to get the nod from the old fools from the old school.

Meanwhile, it is crucial for America to see that Republicans are genuinely interested in fighting for what is best for this nation and its people. Sure, the Democrats are jeering from the cheap seats about how the GOP is in disarray and how they cannot govern, but that is not what you are seeing.

In fact, the 20 rebels are demanding new leadership that won’t cave to every Democrat demand and spend money we don’t have over and over again in 5,000-page bills that no one has even read. The block of 20 will also prevent any Democrat from ascending to the throne of power, as some are suggesting could happen—it won’t.

I am thrilled to see people willing to fight for this nation and put their political futures and fortunes on the line to demand change, accountability, and—for once—real transparency—none of which would have ever come from Mitch McConnell’s lapdog McCarthy.

Politics can be messy—especially when the old guard is getting tossed out—and make no mistake, that is happening right now. The gravy train was run off the tracks by a bunch of radicals who have the nerve to believe that America First actually means something.

It’s about time somebody stood up and said no! It’s about time somebody stood up and said we have done these same old things repeatedly for long enough!

I have no idea where this will end, but I am enjoying watching the status quo get torched by people who promised their voters that they would.

And as far as spineless weasels like Fred Upton trying to come in and lead some milquetoast crap from the socialist middle—that will never happen, either.
Thank God, God bless America, and enjoy the show—it’s an important one that is long overdue!