First it was your light bulbs. Then it was your gas-guzzling cars and trucks. Now it’s your gas stove. The Democrats have an addiction to power, legislation, control and banning things.

So their recent foray into wanting to ban gas stoves shouldn’t really surprise anyone. The gas stoves are dangerous, after all. They emit harmful indoor pollutants.

Yes, the leftist US Consumer Product Safety Commission (unelected by us) is gonna take immediate action to address this horrible scourge upon our country. Richard Trumka Jr., an agency commissioner, says “Products that can’t be made safe can be banned.”

Yes, and he has the power. The leftists have the power. They don’t even need to declare a Covid emergency to do it.

Never mind that 40% of homes use gas stoves, especially the ones with good cooks who want to be able to make great dishes for their families. But Trumka says that’s just a myth that you can only do fine-dining kind of cooking on gas.

I wonder where he stands on Easy-Bake Ovens. Or the harmful rays of microwaves. What about fire??? Fire is REALLY REALLY dangerous. And the sun. We need to get rid of the sun.

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And as you would expect, the gas stove emissions are disproportionately a “cumulative burden” on Black, Latino and low-income households says Senator Cory Booker and Representative Don Beyer. Of course they are.

So how do we fix this horrible, horrible, abhorrent, cruel and ghastly problem?

We have government to the rescue. The Inflation Reduction Act has rebates of up to $840 if you want to purchase a new electric stove. Not sure if you have to be a certain race or not to get the discount.

Here is the list of all of your green energy Democrat discounts just waiting for you to covet. Besides fire and sun, PEOPLE are also dangerous. We are using the products, we are making the

products. The Democrats will have to get rid of US next because we are destroying the earth. Oh, wait…

They’re already doing that with no cash bail and illegal aliens invading the country. Well played, Democrats.