Nasty Republicans who want wittle bitty kitties and puppies to die from Covid are criticizing the Biden administration for extending the Covid emergency months after Biden himself said the health scam was over.

Our nation’s youth are especially gullible in this regard, being so conformist to Covid hysteria, and everything else, they make Ozzie and Harriet look like Sacco and Vanzetti.

Fox on Monday, “The COVID-19 national emergency is set to expire on March 1, while the public health emergency will expire on April 11. The Office of Management and Budget wrote in a Statement of Administration Policy that Biden will extend both emergencies to May 11, at which point they will expire.

“An abrupt end to the emergency declarations would create wide-ranging chaos and uncertainty throughout the health care system — for states, for hospitals and doctors’ offices, and, most importantly, for tens of millions of Americans,” the OMB wrote.

What both sides fail to appreciate is the scientifically confirmed, by the CDC, existence of Covid fairies. What are Covid fairies, you might ask?

Covid fairies are the clever little beings who merrily jump from place to place giving people Covid, thus causing said pathological hypochondriacs and fear junkies to wear masks for years after any actual harm from Covid has occurred.

You can see the fairies in cars, as people who are riding alone wear masks. You may witness the naughty imps trying to attack masked beach goers. They evilly knew exactly, during the high days of the Covid public health hoax, how to jump on innocent mask wearers as they walked into bars and restaurants and then magically disappear as the mask wearers took their seats.

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But they can be helpful too. During the height of Covid they protected all those unmasked people at the George Floyd funeral, 6300 of them, from the virus. Of course, many of those same attendees had previously screeched that not wearing a mask was akin to murder. But hey, they had fairy protection there. So it was okay.

A special kind of Covid Tinkerbell let Gavin Newsom eat at the posh French Laundry restaurant sans mask at no harm to himself or others surrounding him at the table. The same kind of noble wee spirit enabled Nancy Pelosi to walk about her hair salon without a mask. Ah yes, Covid fairies can be beneficent indeed!

While it is certainly true that everytime somebody gets a booster shot a Covid fairy gets her wings, it can work the other way too. If people begin to stop believing in the Fauci-engineered health scare, then senior staff at the CDC must, as mandated by federal law, clap continuously to save poor Covid Tinks from extinction.

The aforementioned fairies and their associates have also performed very specific duties. Covid elves snuck into groceries at night and taped directional arrows on the aisles. Covid banshees rode the wind, giving Covid to anyone with the slightest thought of taking off their masks outdoors even though there was no one else for several square miles. And Covid sprites? Well, that’s what Covid fairies drink on their breaks.

Yes boys and girls, it will be a sad day on May 11th when the Covid fairies go away. But if we believe enough there is still hope! After all, even Tinkerbell doesn’t want to see a good crisis go to waste.