The Democrats and their handmaidens in the corporate media are working overtime, just as I promised, to discredit Republicans, undermine Kevin McCarthy, and distract you from the bombshell report that President Biden had top-secret classified documents in an office at the Penn-Biden Center. By the way, he did nothing to be called a visiting professor or some such rot—he never taught a class.

But Joe Biden repeatedly attacked President Trump after classified documents were found in his Mar-a-Lago home both before and after the raid directed by Attorney General Merrick Garland and executed by the FBI.

The Democrats know this will let Trump off the hook, so they are in full-blown panic, trying desperately to figure out how to keep the “Trump is a reckless traitor” narrative alive while they watch it lose steam with the American people.

This is about the most blatant double standard I’ve ever seen in all my years following politics—and let’s be honest, that is saying a hell of a lot!
What’s strange about the whole thing is that Biden held on to these documents for years and, according to CNN, had them in folders marked personal.

So, that also puts him in a tough spot. But, not really tough. It’s not like the media will push too hard; they’ll do just enough to look good so they can get back to attacking Donald Trump and smearing Republicans—which is all they know how to do anymore.

The White House knew about the discovery of the documents since November—six days before the mid-terms, in fact—but magically, it was never in the news and never reported until after Congress was sworn in—I mean, how convenient is that?
It’s like magic. Hunter Biden’s laptop vanishes before a critical election, and so does Joe Biden’s collection of classified documents kept in his office—an office named for him.

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And nobody wants to talk about it.

So, the propaganda spin machines have gone into industrial mode—I mean, this mess has to be cleaned up before Joe announces that he will seek a second term at the tender age of 156.