El Paso, Texas is a mess. Our border is a mess. And it’s a purposeful mess courtesy of the Democrat party. They could care less that we’re being invaded because to them, it is NOT an invasion, it’s an election strategy. Someday, the illegal aliens will have amnesty and, at least for a little while, they will all be voting Democrat to thank them for their “hospitality” and all of their free gifts.

While the Biden administration sends our tax money and weapons to Ukraine so that they can fend off the Russians, they are, at the same time, welcoming into our country ANYONE who wants to break into the United States.

And these invaders are coming from just about everywhere. Mexico, Venezuela, El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Turkey, Cuba, and, yes, Russia… the list goes on and on. All are welcome. And it doesn’t matter if you have a disease or intend on taking an American job or have a criminal record or INTEND to participate in a criminal enterprise.

All are welcome.

And if any of us complain about this, we are racist and xenophobic and heartless. In fact, CNN did a whole story on the last day of 2022 to make you feel bad for these folks (invaders) breaking into our country and to shame you all into compliance. They want you to feel horrible about yourselves that you’re complaining about the border being open while people are suffering.

The CNN article is titled “Misery in El Paso: Hundreds of homeless migrants live in squalor amid deportation fears.”

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Yes, it’s quite sad. The invaders who have voluntarily decided to break into our country, at the welcoming of the Democratic party, are now “homeless” and living in squalor and have to worry about getting deported (although I doubt that is going to happen in most cases).

CNN writes about a one-year-old’s bare feet and how she barely escaped death when her parents crossed the Rio Grand. The baby was crying hysterically, wet and cold.

Who’s fault is that? The parents!

No, no. NOT the parents. They are ALLOWED to invade America according to Biden and the Democrats. And we must HELP them all as well, not just stop at letting them come into the country.

Another mother from Honduras brought in FIVE children ages one to eight-years-old. They are homeless too. And wet. And cold. But they know they won’t be for long. The Democrats will help them.

The Democrats have set up an elaborate scheme where they give out grant money up the wazoo to the churches, the NGOs and the non-profits to take care of all of the illegal aliens with OUR hard- earned tax money. Blankets, strollers, cell phones, housing, jobs…whatever is needed.

All are welcome to partake in the new country the Democrats are setting up.