Many of us who have an understanding of some of the more incredulous parts of American history are aware that we’ve already had a female president. She was just never elected.

In October 1919 Dem President Woodrow Wilson had a stroke. This was before the days of intense press scrutiny of the Oval Office. In fact twenty years later the press still protected the president so much that many Americans did not know President Franklin Delano Roosevelt was crippled from polio.

In the last year of Roosevelt’s life and administration he was a dying man. The press hid that too. When he folded to Stalin at the Yalta conference and consigned many nations to communist slavery for 45 years, hardly a word was said in the major press.

Hillary tried a takeover move after Bill had his head handed to him, a severe political malady, in the 1994 midterms. Though he managed to keep her on a leash. But, I digress.

Wilson’s wife Edith and his chief aide Colonel Edward House conspired to hide Wilson’s complete incapacity and govern in his place. That’s one of the many reasons Wilson is generally considered by presidential cognoscenti as the worst American president. Well, it’s happening again.

Jill Biden and recent White House Chief of Staff Ron Klain have conspired since 2021 to lead Joe Biden around by the nose and govern in his place. To them, that means selling the country out to the radical racist and authoritarian hard left.

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Former GA Republican US Rep. Doug Collins puts it this way, “This has really gotten concerning because nobody, frankly in all fairness to the first lady, nobody elected her to answer questions for the president on issues that the press may have questioned. They may not like the questions. They may not like the answer. But this is what his job is, is to answer these questions and to be a part of the process of people understanding. Really, what we’ve got to get into again, in this classified document area, is remember that we’re talking about the top levels, the presidents, vice president. This is actually something that is prosecuted on military members, members in the government who do this inadvertently. So this has to be something now that we really take a look at. But really, I would rather prefer Jill Biden not shielding the president from questions because I want to know if the president can actually answer the questions.”

She shields him because she has known for some time that he is cognitively unable to answer questions on the classified documents scandal or anything else for that matter.

As the United States is the most powerful nation on the planet, Nurse Jill effectively runs the world or at least a big chunk of it. No one elected her and she’s subject to no scrutiny. Lovely, eh?