You can’t make this stuff up, folks. The America we live in now, mostly dominated by the leftists, is like living in the Twilight Zone or the land of the Babylon Bee.

When is “Opposite Day”?

It’s January 25th. But what we’re living in Opposite YEAR. Years actually. It was pretty much started under former President Barack Obama and it just gets worse and worse every day. The Democrats used to hide who they are. But since they control the media, academia and Hollywood, they believe they are free to be who they are now. And we’re all paying the price for it. They’re anti-baby, anti-Constitution, anti-American and definitely anti-police.

One of the happiest moments of the leftists came after the death of George Floyd when they were able to push their Black Lives Matter (BLM) narrative and go full-on after the police and call everyone in the country racist. Don’t think for a moment they were upset about what happened. They were giddy with the opportunity that was presented to them.

BLM used the organization to further their political operations and to shake-down businesses and get donation after donation – and all to do what? Nothing was done to help the life of the black population but a lot of Democrats were elected and a lot of founders and people in Black Lives Matter got rich and acquired lovely mansions.

During all of that ridiculousness, a flag started to be waved by people who wanted to SUPPORT the police. It was a Thin Blue Line flag.

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The thin blue line is a phrase that refers to the concept of the police being the line that keeps society from descending into violent chaos. The blue is the color of the uniforms of the police departments.

With Black Lives Matter, elected Democrats and their leftist friends attacking the police (including physically) and doing their whole “Defund the Police” mantra, pushback against their craziness was needed. The Thin Blue Line flag was an answer to that.

According to the Relentless Defender, “‘Thin Blue Line’ commemorates fallen law enforcement officers and to symbolize the relationship of law enforcement in the community as the protectors of civilians from criminal elements. Proponents of the symbol assert that the identifier is intended to show support for police. In the wake of controversies over police shootings, the Thin Blue Line Flag has become popular among law enforcement personnel, their families and supporters showing they relentlessly stand behind those who are willing to sacrifice so much.”

Now imagine if you are a police officer with the LAPD and you are not allowed to have that flag in the lobby of your police departments or any other public areas. It’s banned. That is EXACTLY what is happening out in California. The Chief, Michel Moore, is depending the ban because he says it’s been used by extremist groups who are “undemocratic, racist and have bigoted views.”

The Chief says he received a complaint about the flag. Really? Is that all it takes to get something banned is a complaint or two from a leftist snowflake? What if they complain about getting arrested or thrown in jail? Don’t worry. I’m sure they have extremist prosecutors around to give them deals or not prosecute them at all so that they can go out and commit even more crimes.

The Los Angeles Police Protective League, a league representing police officers in the county, including 9,900 members of the LAPD, said in a statement, “It is difficult to express the level of utter disgust and

disappointment with Chief Moore’s politically pandering directive to remove Thin Blue Line flags and memorials for fallen officers from all public areas within our police stations.”