Since (as of the writing of this article) we currently have no Speaker of the House and you don’t have to be a member of the House of Representatives to be nominated, I have come up with some names that should be considered for the position to be second in line for the presidency.

  1. Donald Trump – This is just to tick off the Democrats. Wouldn’t it be fun to watch?
  2. Phil Collins – Yes, he’s getting old but I am hoping he would be willing to sing his speeches when he appears on the House floor.
  3. Elon Musk – Again, this is just to tick off the Democrats.
  4. Santa Claus – That is who is running the country anyway with free stuff being handed out everywhere. And Kevin McCarthy was completely okay with doing the Omnibus bill before the new Representatives took over with the Republican majority. So why not put Santa, the REAL face of our government, in charge of the lower chamber? Ho Ho Ho.
  5. James Earl Jones – Who wouldn’t LOVE to listen to that voice?
  6. Eddie Murphy – Some comic relief in the lower chamber would be welcomed.
  7. Ben and Jerry – I don’t like their politics but I wouldn’t mind listening to them talk about ice cream.
  8. James Snee, The CEO of Hormel – I wouldn’t mind listening to him talk about bacon.
  9. Steve Gruber – I’m not trying to get a raise or anything. Really.
  10. My Husband – This would get him out of the house and he could annoy other people.