Democrat play the game well. And the game is to whatever they want as long as they can. It usually works since they rarely have consequences for things – and they all help each other.

They’ll do what they want until someone drags them out of their house kicking and screaming and throws them in jail. But how often does that happen?

Is Hillary Clinton in Jail? James Comey? Peter Strzok? Hunter Biden? Joe Biden?


When Democrats are in charge, investigations commence against Republicans, subpoenas are issued, their political enemies are thrown in jail without due process. But when Republicans are in charge and they tell the Democrats to adhere to the rule of law, the leftists say, “no thanks” and follow up with “and what are you going to do about it?”


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The Director of National Intelligence (DNI) recently said what amounts to “see ya later, alligator” to members of the Senate Intelligence Committee who met with her about classified documents. They want access to the documents seized from Biden and Trump and the Biden folks are refusing to give them up.

SHOCKER, right?

That’s because most of the docs are probably incriminating to Hunter & Joe. They will expose their Ukraine bribery scandal going on, among other things.

Republican Texas Senator Ted Cruz was on Maria Bartiromo’s show “Sunday Morning Futures” over the weekend discussing the issue and they talked about the email between Hunter and his pal, Devon Archer, in April 2014 about Ukraine where Hunter gives Devon information on Russia that he could only have gotten from his father or friends of his father.

Cruz said that “Hunter Biden didn’t write that” as he is not an expert on Ukraine or Russia or Europe. But the information helped Hunter get on the board of Burisma and lock up a $83K a month gig to use for his drug habit and so he could pass on some bucks to Daddy-O.

Cruz wondered where Hunter was cutting and pasting the emailed information from and what kind of access he had to classified documents.

A lot, Teddy. A lot. But most people paying attention already understand that.

But proving it – and holding the Bidens and any of the Democrats accountable for any of this – that’s another story.