Poor Joey. Poor poor Joey. He thought he was going to Borders, the bookstore (even though it closed years ago) but his evil staff tricked him and he ended up at the southern border. Poor poor Joe.

The whirlwind trip has been a great photo-op for the president because he stayed in “safe” areas where he wasn’t photographed anywhere near the Mexican cartels or the homeless illegal aliens or any of the realities on the border which include what the rest of us see on TV everyday – a majority of young men, not women or families, invading the country.

Biden’s prop people were able to clean things up so we didn’t see big groups and long lines. And we didn’t see the illegal aliens holding bags given to them by our government and the NGOs. And we didn’t see them holding their cell phones and wearing nice clothes and shoes even though they’re living in tents.

Biden tweeted out a photo of himself strolling near a secure Trump WALL in El Paso. Yes, a wall. And he used border agents as props as he made his walk.

But who wants actual border security when you can announce a really cool solution to a Democrat problem?! Is the problem border security? No, it’s processing the illegal aliens.

So Joe recently announced a fix to that problem. Yes, there’s an app for that. A way to get more people into the country, more quickly.

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Coyote Joe (Fox News’ Jesse Watter’s nickname for the Prez) is working to help more people get into the country who have asylum claims. It’s by appointment. He wants the illegal aliens to sign up before they invade America to make things easier for everyone.

He’s worried about the process not being “safe and orderly” without enough asylum officers and personnel. Not enough judges to set them free.

He talks about a “faster process” which is the only crisis that the Democrats see on the border – the process.

The app is called CBP One. It allows illegal aliens to schedule an appointment at a port of entry of their choice to make an asylum claim without even having to cross the border.

They can use the same app for the “parole program” if their spouse is already here and they sponsor them. Once they are processed quickly, they can come to America for two whole year (although I think we all know they’ll be here longer than that – wink, wink).