In a classic Marxist takeover strategy encouraged by the likes of Antonio Gramsci and Allard Lowenstein, the hard left encourages government repression by pushing a free government towards a crackdown on civil liberties.

This is achieved by outrageous acts of terrorism on the part of the hard left. They hope the free government, at the behest of a scared citizenry, sacrifices liberty for safety. This then proves the basic theory of the left that the government is repressive and deserves to be overthrown. The citizens become radicalized and presto chango the government is replaced by a radical regime.

The new bosses, of course, step up repression in the name of protecting the revolution and suppressing counter revolutionaries. Nice trick, that. There’s a beautiful circular logic to it.

Well, no one is looking for a revolution. I hope. But perhaps conservatives can use the Marxist trick against them, in a jujitsu sense, and let pass without opposition hard left measures in deep red states like California and New York.

If it gets so bad there as to be untenable even to hard left voters then a couple of things could transpire. One, the voters see the light and throw out the hard left or, two, the left is forced by the self preservation instinct to moderate its radicalism. Same process that let Tony Blair kick the UK union communists out of the Labour Party in the 90s. Two examples of soon to be out of control deep red areas come to mind.

California is thinking of giving slavery reparations of millions of dollars to many of its black citizens. Also, their debts would be canceled. Who would be paying for it? The rest of its citizens. Thus people who never owned slaves or whose ancestors probably had absolutely nothing to do with slavery will foot the bill. On merit conservatives should oppose this woke payoff. But, nahhhh….

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California conservatives should put up only a token fight . Watch the state then bankrupt itself on its own woke petard, as a political Newtonian Third Law reaction takes effect and conservatives have clean hands.

Next DC. Over a hard left mayor’s opposition, the completely Dem Marxist city council has unanimously decided to soften penalties for crimes like violent sexual assault. As DC is fed property the House would have to approve. McCarthy will never let it stand. But no, let it go.

Most, not all, of the crime in DC is limited to the inner city. Congress need not be concerned over its precious physical safety. So give the Bolshies on DC city council enough rope to hang themselves and hope the common sense of DC inner city residents would eventually prevail. If not, you get what you vote for.

As for New York, currently useless Gotham conservatives need to play trickster and loudly support any liberal measure that enables Dem fueled crime and mayhem in Manhattan. I’m talking a Snake Plissken scenario here. With any luck the rest of more moderate New York state is mortified by the show and boots the Dems from Albany.

Yes, crime victims will suffer. But one wonders if the same victims regularly vote for those whose policies brought about their victimization in the first place. Perhaps those people will examine their political views and vote differently next time. If such became reality, everybody wins. Except for Dems, naturally.