I haven’t been following the whole George Santos thing too closely because he’s accused of doing something the Democrats do every day – lie. It’s nothing new. It just isn’t acceptable when the Republicans do it. When a Republican does it, it must be stopped and even fellow Republicans have to denounce the lyin’ Republican. Whatever.

Santos is a U.S. representative from New York’s 3rd congressional district. The Democrats don’t like him because he’s a minority. And because he’s a Republican.

Wikipedia says that Santos made “numerous dubious and false claims about his biography, work history and financial status in public and private.” He’s being investigated, almost Trump-style, all over the place.

But his downfall is probably NOT going to be for lying about his education, employment, property ownership or about being Jewish.

What’s probably going to take him down is the new revelation that, according to The Daily Mail, he “stole more than $3000 from a fundraiser for a disabled veteran’s dying service dog.”

Wow. So Santos screwed over a dying dog AND a homeless veteran? Not good optics. Not at all.

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The veteran, Richard Osthoff, was reportedly living in a tent in an abandoned chicken coop off a highway in New Jersey in May of 2016 with his pit bull, a service dog named Sapphire. Osthoff didn’t have the money needed to help Sapphire so he was connected, through a veterinarian’s office, with a man named “Anthony Devolder.”

Devolder raised about $3,000 for the dog’s surgery with a fundraiser, through a “charity” he called Friends of Pets United. But apparently, it was a scam. Devolder closed down the fundraiser and reportedly took off with the dough.

It has been revealed, in a report, that Devolder is actually an alias of Santos, a name he used before entering politics. There is even a video of him introducing himself as “Anthony Devolder” at a pro-Trump event.

This report comes out of a website called Patch.

Sapphire the dog died in January of 2017, probably in a lot of pain, as Osthoff wasn’t able to get him treatment.

Text messages reportedly show that Santos kept stringing Osthoff along but never delivered on the promise to get care for his dog. GoFundMe, of course, didn’t help out Osthoff either.

Osthoff described Sapphire’s last day to Patch, saying, “Little girl never left my side in 10 years. I went through two bouts of seriously considering suicide, but thinking about leaving her without me saved my life. I loved that dog so much, I inhaled her last breaths when I had her euthanized.”

It’s hard to know how many other folks that Santos might have taken advantage of in what most are reporting to be a fake charity.

On a side note, veterans like Osthoff and dogs like Devolder are ignored while the Democrats hand out money right and left to the illegal aliens invading our country.

I guess it’s too bad that Sapphire wasn’t able to vote – or couldn’t promise a future Democrat vote – because I’m sure that the leftists would have hooked him up with an absentee ballot.