Democrats have come to a point where reality and facts don’t matter to them anymore. Okay, we already knew that.

But in a new twist, they’ve decided to publicly state things that are obviously the exact opposite of any logic or truth and instead are the rote recitation of party propaganda.

It’s as if you and a Dem see a dog. They call it a cat. You both know it’s a dog. However, the Dem continues to call it a cat and a crowd around you both, also seeing a dog and realizing it, confirm the cat theory.

With most of the media loyally reporting any Democrat flight from reality, every day for Democrats is opposite day and they rarely pay a political price for it. Two recent examples are readily apparent.

Fox, “Protestors were angry about the death of 26-year-old Manuel Esteban Paez Teran, who was killed by police after he fired a gun at state troopers at the site of the new Atlanta Public Safety Training Center.” This happened last Wednesday.

“An individual, without warning, shot a Georgia State Patrol trooper,” Georgia Bureau of Investigations’ spox Michael Register told media. “Other law enforcement personnel returned fire in self-defense and evacuated the trooper to a safe area. The individual who fired upon law enforcement and shot the trooper was killed in the exchange of gunfire.”

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So a guy shoots a cop and is then shot dead by other cops. Justified self defense, huh? But to protesters the individual who committed suicide by cop was murdered.

Various leftists, and no doubt loyal Democrats, are calling for violence against cops in response to an obvious case of self defense.

“Consider this a call for reciprocal violence to be done to the police and their allies. On Friday, January 20th, wherever you are, you are invited to participate in a night of rage in order to honor the memory of our fallen comrade,” the group Scenes from the Atlanta Forest tweeted. Atlanta Dems dutifully rioted and targeted police.

Another collection of probable Dems, Defend the Atlanta Forest, want to “memorialize the forest defender” who was “murdered by the police.” Not a mention that a cop was shot first. Not a word. Don’t look at the man behind the curtain.

In California an Asian man killed 10 other Asian people in a Saturday night shooting, it seems in a family dispute. What are Democrats like Chuck Schumer calling it? An example of anti-Asian violence. “We must stand up to bigotry and hate wherever they rear their ugly heads, and we must keep working to stop gun violence.” How is it anti-Asian when the shooter was an Asian?

Wisconsin Dem state Rep. Francesca Hong tweeted: “We are broken as a nation to have mass shootings and white supremacy reign terror.” Ummm, white? Does the name of the killer, Huu Can Tran, sound white to you?

But Dems ignore obvious reality once again to make their propaganda point. The mass media will echo their line and millions will take it as gospel. That is the state of American politics today. One political party, the Republicans, and one fabulist lunatic asylum, the Democrats, who are enabled by the media. Through the looking glass indeed.