The Democrats aren’t just mean, they’re vindictive. “Well enough” is never good enough for them. They’ll keep a bowl of dog food away from a puppy and then if someone else comes along to help the poor thing, they’ll take away that food too and kick the puppy in the head. That is the Democrat party.

It’s already bad enough that military members were denied religious exemptions (and for other reasons) when told they had to get the COVID-19 vaccination – and then were dismissed from the military. Now we have the Biden administration telling those military members that they need to pay back their recruitment bonuses.

Thousands of service members were fired for refusing to take the vaccine and recruitment bonuses could be up to $7K each. That’s a lot of money that the Pentagon can use for shrimp salad lunches or printing DEI material or buying umbrellas to fight climate change.

An anonymous service member told Fox News Digital that he’d have to pay back his original signing bonus after he was fired in May for not getting his COVID-19 vaccine. They said he “did not complete the commitment in his contract.” He won’t have to pay the entire bonus back because it was a six- year contract and he doesn’t owe them for the whole time – they prorated the amount to a little over $4K he’ll have to pay back. The soldier said that it was a “final kick in the face.”

Why anyone is still in the military under “Commander Biden” is a mystery to me. I commend the military folks for their duty to our country under adverse conditions when the Biden administration clearly doesn’t have their back for most things including giving a crap about their health or religious views – not to mention calling them racists and domestic terrorists.

It’s also interesting that the Biden administration is SO concerned about getting back money from un- vaxxed soldiers after Biden signed the 2023 National Defense Authorization Act that includes a provision to repeal the administration’s military vaccine mandate. Fox News Digital reports that Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin “signed a memo that will update the records and remove letters of reprimand from troops whose exemption requests to the vaccine were denied (current members).”

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He said, “No individuals currently serving in the Armed Forces shall be separated solely on the basis of their refusal to receive the Covid-19 vaccination if they sought an exemption on religious, administrative, or medical rounds.”


So those already fired for not taking the vaccine continue to be separated from military and screwed over by Biden and the Pentagon.

Although reinstatement is a priority for some Republicans, including Texas Senator Ted Cruz, I have to wonder if the military members actually want to go back into the leftist environment that continues under Biden and Lloyd’s “leadership.”